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                            Take a look at what download options are available to best suit your needs

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                            How to Buy

                            Contact your local sales office to get started improving your design environment

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                            Altium Vault helps you to achieve your design goals by connecting all facets of the electronics design process together. Everyone involved in your design project can work without risking the integrity of your design data and without hindering their ability to remain innovative and productive.

                            Component Management
                            81% of Best-In-Class companies reported that ‘component libraries are centrally built and managed’ in a recent January 2014 study by the Aberdeen Group.

                            By managing your components in the Vault, everyone involved in your design process has controlled access to all the relevant component data they need to ensure the best decisions are always being made. The Vault provides real-time supply chain data, component approvals, and life-cycle status information to the whole team. Designers, managers, procurement officers, manufacturing partners and others involved in the design process are able to minimize errors, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and get products to market faster.

                            Revision Management
                            Create and use custom revision states for your organization’s components in the Vault, ensuring that only approved, current component data makes it into your designs and easily sync footprint and symbol updates between Altium Vault and Altium Designer with notification updates when changes are made.

                            Lifecycle States
                            Manage the lifecycle state and approvals of components in your Vault so you know your designers are always working with approved parts, and projects don’t get released with un-approved or obsolete components.

                            Supply Chain Data
                            The Vault links to the largest parts distributors, as well as your own internal parts database, approved vendor list (AVL) or ERP system to provide part availability and cost information to your designers in real-time directly in the design environment, allowing them to make intelligent and cost-conscious part choices.

                            Where Used Capabilities 
                            By managing both component and release data in the Vault, it’s easy to search through all of your designs to see where a given component is being used. Using this powerful Where Used search, you can easily understand the impact of availability or usage changes on past and present designs allowing your team to make the most informed decisions.

                            Data Management
                            65% of Best-In-Class companies in a January 2014 study by the Aberdeen Group report ‘resources across multiple projects are optimized’.

                            When managing all ECAD data in one location, it becomes possible to easily analyze and manage your data in ways that would otherwise be incredibly tedious. Proper data management allows for formal revision and release control in a manageable and scalable way. All related documentation and versioning for your modified data is complete automated. And, just like components, a centralized location for all of your ECAD data naturally lends itself to design reuse of templates and reference designs.

                            Lifecycle States
                            Manage the lifecycle state and approvals of your organization’s ECAD data in the Vault with managed lifecycle change approvals to ensure that only approved, functional, and current design templates and data get reused without the risk of mistakes in your design process.

                            Release Management
                            A managed workflow releases a snapshot of a project directly from version control into the Vault, ensuring data integrity across all elements of the design process. Detailed checks are performed to confirm you are utilizing the most accurate and up-to-date revisions of your ECAD data and output documentation, while staying in compliance with project configurations and design rules.

                            Design Re-use
                            Save time and reduce errors during the design process to meet your time-to-market goals by reusing proven designs and templates. Store and share all of your templates and reference designs in the Vault, providing designers with access to verified and lifecycle managed ECAD data for design re-use.

                            Component Management
                            By managing your components in the Vault, everyone involved in the design process has controlled access to a complete view of all relevant component data they need to ensure the best component selection decisions are always being made.

                            Managed Projects & Collaboration
                            72% of Best-In-Class companies responded that the ‘entire product design team works collaboratively with PCB engineers’ in a January 2014 study from the Aberdeen Group.

                            Maintaining data integrity is always a concern when collaborating on a design project. Proper and detailed documentation of work done by fellow designers is essential to ensuring the integrity of your design data. The Altium Vault automates and standardizes this documentation and collaboration process by keeping detailed records of changes made to a design, allowing for commenting on projects, and providing a platform for real-time PCB design collaboration on the same board.

                            Managed Projects
                            Automated project change notifications driven from SVN are built into the Vault, providing you with the greatest degree of control and clarity as you design. Versioning, documentation, file storage, commenting, and status notifications can all be managed, standardized, and enforced throughout the entire design process.

                            PCB Collaboration
                            Services necessary for collaboration and real-time concurrent PCB design can be run in the Vault, simplifying collaboration setup and management so your team can take full advantage of all your internal and external engineering resources.

                            Easily communicate with your fellow designers and reply to design-specific or document-based comments to keep your design process moving along efficiently.

                            Infrastructure Management
                            60% of IT issues are caused by configuration problems, according to a report issued by Enterprise Management Associates.

                            The Altium Vault provides your IT department with the tools they need to completely control your design team’s environment. Establish and enforce your corporate workflow, ensuring every member of the team is working from the same approved templates, while connecting and storing all design data in the Vault as your design progresses. Once in the Vault, backups and recovery are easy to maintain from a single, organized location. Plus, installations, and updates can all be easily administered from a centralized network administrator interface.

                            Backup and Recovery
                            Easily manage, create and recover from backups, protecting all of your valuable data.

                            Team Configuration Center
                            Customize, manage and control the Altium Designer environment for your entire team to ensure appropriate template usage, system preferences and output setup and verification are being used in compliance with defined company policies.

                            Network Installation Server
                            Quickly install Altium Designer on your team’s machines from a repository hosted on your secure network. A consistent, managed installation process and environment gets your designers up and running as quickly as possible, while guaranteeing that every user is using the correct software version at the correct time.

                            LDAP/Domain Authentication Users
                            Avoid the hassle of administering and managing new user accounts by synchronizing your Altium Vault with accounts on your Domain. Easily use Active Directory for streamlined user and role creation.

                            Oracle® Support
                            Use your existing database infrastructure and save time on systems management by storing your Vault data in your Oracle® database.

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