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                              Take a look at what download options are available to best suit your needs

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                              How to Buy

                              Contact your local sales office to get started improving your design environment

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                              Altium's free CircuitMaker in open beta
                              19 May 2015

                              CircuitMaker will be available worldwide to all interested electronics designers, and aims to address the specific needs of the electronics maker and hobbyist community with a free software offering.

                              Read article via EDN

                              Today’s Intricate PCB Design Needs Evolved Tools
                              5 May 2015

                              Altium's PCBWorks, which tightly integrates with Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, typifies the integration of ECAD and MCAD integration.

                              Read article via Electronic Design

                              The top five features to consider when selecting embedded design software
                              4 May 2015

                              No matter what industry you're in, chances are the competition is fierce. If you're an embedded software developer that means you're under pressure not only to get the job done faster than ever before, but more effectively than ever before.

                              Read article via Embedded Computing Design

                              PCB Tools, Part 1: Zuken, Mentor, Cadence, Altium
                              30 April 2015

                              The vendors who sell CAD tools to the people who design boards are working hard these days to keep up with the changing needs of their customers.

                              Read article via EDACafe

                              Potts, Ex Mentor PCB Exec, Named Altium Sr. VP
                              16 April 2015

                              Altium today named longtime EDA executive Henry Potts senior vice president enterprise solutions.

                              Read article via Printed Circuit Design & Fab

                              A PCB Design Tool That Mechanical Engineers Will Love
                              7 April 2015

                              Altium Ltd. has created a new tool that will go a long way toward removing the barriers that now exist between the printed circuit board design aids that electrical engineers use and the MCAD tools that mechanical engineers use.

                              Read article via EE Times

                              New Design Apps for a New World
                              24 March 2015

                              New design applications are popping up everywhere. From advanced touchscreen applications to new ways for finding lighter and stronger materials, design applications are springing up to improve design productivity.

                              Read article via Design News

                              32 Flavors of PCB Software
                              20 March 2015

                              PCB design software does not have to break the bank or cause ruffled feathers during your next budget review.

                              Read article via EE Journal

                              A quantum jump in mechanical-electronic CAD integration
                              14 February 2015

                              For decades CAD users and software developers have bemoaned the lack of integration between electrical and mechanical CAD software but progress has been slow for a good reason.

                              Read article via Graphic Speak

                              Zombies at Solidworks World 2015!
                              13 February 2015

                              Altium’s PCBWorks is designed to be paired with Solidworks. This combination streamlines overall system design. Mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering change orders (ECOs) are reflected immediately, allowing design rules to be checked.

                              Read article via Electronic Design

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