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                          How to Buy

                          Contact your local sales office to get started improving your design environment

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                          Altium Designer 2013 Available

                          Shanghai, China – 7 February 2013 –Altium Ltd., a global leader in Smart System Design Automation and provider of solutions for 3D PCB design (Altium Designer) and embedded software development (TASKING), announces the release of Altium Designer 2013.

                          This is a significant turning point in Altium’s history, as Altium Designer 2013 not only delivers new and enhanced features, it also opens up Altium’s design platform to key partners. This creates a range of opportunities for users, partners and system integrators and represents a quantum leap for the industry.

                          As part of Altium’s continuous content delivery model, Altium Subscription customers have already benefited from the many enhancements that have been delivered since Release 12. Altium Designer 2013 further improves the design environment for users by delivering several new PCB features and updates to the core PCB and Schematic tools.

                          Altium’s new Altium AppsBuilder will be available shortly, which will allow for the creation of custom applications and extend Altium’s DXP design environment.

                          “The release process for Altium Designer 2013 was one of the most intense we have been through to date but the interaction and collaboration with some of our most engaged customers made it one of the most successful,” says Matt Schwaiger, a senior member of Altium’s Product Management team. “It’s the collaboration with our users which ensures features and enhancements delivered bring the most value to our community as a whole.”




                          Key features of Altium Designer 2013 include:

                          • PCB object and Layer transparency settings - New PCB object and Layer transparency settings have been added to the View Configurations dialog.

                          • Silk to Solder Mask design rule - A new rule with new checking modes (to exposed copper and to solder mask openings) has been added.

                          • Outline vertices editor for PCB Polygon Pours - New outline vertices editor for Polygon Pour, Polygon Cutout and Solid Region objects.

                          • Polygon Blankets - Ability to define polygonal-shaped blanket directives has been added.

                          • Schematic Pin name/designator position, font and color customization - the pin name and designator position, font and color can now be customized individually.

                          • Port height and font control - Port height, border width and text font can now be individually controlled.

                          • Schematic Hyperlinks - Text objects in schematic documents now support hyperlinks.

                          • Smart PDF documents contain component parameters - Clicking on a component in a PDF file produced by SmartPDF will display the parameters of that component.

                          • Microchip Touch Controls support - Support for Microchip mTouch capacitive controls has been added.

                          • Improved DXP platform - DXP platform has been upgraded to provide a robust and open development environment.

                          A full overview of Altium Designer 2013 can be found in the Altium Wiki.

                          Frank Hoschar, CMO at Altium says: “Altium Designer 2013 is a milestone release as it provides an open platform expanding Altium’s reach beyond our user community (of more than 80,000 engineers working on the DXP platform) into industry partner communities. Additionally, Altium Designer provides a number of  key enhancements over Altium Designer 12, which include;

                          • New Via Stitching capabilities providing support for RF and high-speed designs,

                          • Greater flexibility for re-annotating PCB designs,

                          • Other PCB productivity enhancements including improved cross-select mode, improved selection controls and easier polygon pour management,

                          • Improvements to the Mentor PADS PCB, PADS Logic and Expedition importers and Ansoft and Hyperlynx exporters,

                          • Support for ARM Cortex-M3 Discrete Processors, SEGGER J-Link and Altera Arria2GX FPGAs”.

                          License options
                          Altium Designer 2013 is available with the following license options:

                          • Altium Designer 2013
                            This license provides users with full custom board design and manufacturing capabilities. It also has complete front-end engineering design and verification system for both board-level and programmable logic design and full 3D PCB design and editing capabilities.

                          • Altium Designer 2013 SE
                            This is the System Engineering version that provides users with complete front-end schematic design and design capture for both board-level and programmable logic design. It includes analog/digital simulation, verification and Embedded-System-on-FPGA implementation.

                          Pricing and availability
                          Altium Designer 2013 is available immediately for Altium Subscription customers as part of their subscription. Eligible customers can download the new Altium Designer 2013 installer from AltiumLive. The price for a perpetual licence of Altium Designer 2013 is 7,245 USD incl. 1-year subscription (updates, support, additional content and services), Altium Designer 2013 SE is available for 2,995 USD incl. 1-year subscription.


                          Frank Krämer
                          Altium Europe GmbH
                          +49 721 8244 108

                          Gabriele Amelunxen
                          +49 8106 247 233

                          Monika Cunnington
                          PRismaPR (UK, Scandinavia, Benelux)
                          +44-20 8133 6148

                          About Altium
                          Altium Limited (ASX:ALU) creates electronics design software. Altium’s unified electronics design environment links all aspects of electronics product design in a single application that is priced as affordable as possible. This enables electronics designers to innovate, harness the latest devices and technologies, manage their projects across broad design ‘ecosystems’, and create connected, intelligent designs.

                          Founded in 1985, Altium has headquarters in Shanghai, and operates worldwide. For more information, You can also follow and engage with Altium via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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