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                                Take a look at what download options are available to best suit your needs

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                                How to Buy

                                Contact your local sales office to get started improving your design environment

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                                Altium Partners with Musical Equipment Manufacturer to Reduce Company’s Development Time by 50%

                                Santa Clara, Calif. – 19, January 2016

                                Altium has announced their partnership with VOX, Industry-Leading Musical Equipment Manufacturer, with the goal to reduce development time on the company’s electronic designs for their award-winning guitar amps. With the use of Altium Designer, VOX was able to reduce development time by 50%, citing ease of use, ECAD-to-MCAD collaboration tools, and powerful productivity features as the primary catalysts for their streamlined development success. Altium will be in attendance at DesignCon 2016 to showcase all of the powerful features that made this development goal possible with VOX, including a sneak peak into future plans for the platform in 2016. Engineers interested in upgrading their PCB design platform can register now for a free trial to Altium Designer 16.

                                “At VOX, our goal has always been to use modern technology to bring modern day conveniences to our products,” said Dave Clarke, R&D Manager at VOX. “Altium Designer has been an intrinsic part towards realizing of this goal, enabling us to leverage the efficiencies of a 24/7 development cycle to get to market before our competitors at a fraction of the time or cost.”

                                Streamlined Development Goals Made Possible at VOX

                                For the past 55 years VOX has been producing award-winning guitar amplifiers for musicians all around the world. With the latest advances in electronics design technology, the company has been able to combine traditional vacuum tube manufacturing methods with the newest digital signal processing technology to create the next generation of guitar amplifiers. By partnering with Altium, VOX was able to take advantage of the latest advances in PCB design technology in Altium Designer to accomplish a 50% reduction in their development time. This success was made possible with:

                                • The latest PCB design productivity features that allowed VOX to easily make changes to existing board layouts without having to spend hours redesigning an entire board.

                                • A powerful, unified design environment that allowed VOX to complete their entire electronics design workflow in one interface, enabling designers to stay at their most efficient without having to learn multiple interfaces.

                                • An intuitive set of ECAD-to-MCAD collaboration features that allowed VOX to save time creating mechanical models by easily exporting electronic designs into their mechanical design tool.

                                With Altium Designer in hand, it was possible for VOX to not only cut their development time in half, but to also consistently meet their time to market goals far ahead of their competition. VOX has also been an Altium Subscription customer for years, allowing them to take advantage of the latest design technology available in the newest PCB design tool release, Altium Designer 16.

                                Altium Designer 16 Pushes Productivity Further

                                Successful companies like VOX have been upgrading to Altium Designer 16 in record numbers, with over one third eligible users downloading and upgrading within the first two months. This never-before-seen wave of new and existing customers upgrading their PCB design platform to Altium Designer 16 has been credited to new productivity features, availability of exclusive extensions, and enhanced design environment stability.

                                “Altium Designer 16 marks a turning point in the evolution of our flagship PCB design platform,” said Matt Schwaiger, VP Global Customer Success at Altium. “This new release provides long-term value to all of our loyal customers like VOX, and that starts with providing the latest design technology while significantly improving the performance and stability of Altium Designer through continuous engagement with our customer base.”

                                Availability Details

                                Those in attendance at DesignCon will get an exclusive sneak-peek at what’s in store in 2016 for Altium Designer, with plans to add several news extensions for simulating electronic designs and communicating design intent.

                                Altium Designer 16 is available now as a free upgrade to all existing Altium Subscription customers. Engineers interested in exploring all of the new features in Altium Designer 16 can register now for a free trial, or gets a hands-on demonstration at Altium booth 943 at DesignCon 2016.

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                                Elena Gur
                                +1 858 864 1573

                                David Read
                                +1 760 207 8111

                                About Altium

                                Altium Limited (ASX: ALU) is a multinational software corporation headquartered in San Diego, California, that focuses on electronics design systems for 3D PCB design and embedded system development. Altium products are found everywhere from world leading electronic design teams to the grassroots electronic design community.

                                With a unique range of technologies Altium helps organisations and design communities to innovate, collaborate and create connected products while remaining on-time and on-budget. Products provided are Altium Designer®, Altium Vault®, CircuitStudio®, PCBWorks®, CircuitMaker®, Octopart® and the TASKING® range of embedded software compilers.

                                Founded in 1985, Altium has offices worldwide, with US locations in San Diego, Boston and New York City, European locations in Karlsruhe, Amersfoort, Kiev and Zug and Asia-Pacific locations in Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney. For more information, visit You can also follow and engage with Altium via FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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