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    3 December 2007

    Altium is holding a series of interactive Web conferences to demonstrate the powerful new features in the latest version of Altium Designer.

    27 November 2007

    Altium has added a breakthrough 3D PCB visualization engine to Altium Designer which makes board design a ‘realistic’ experience for all designers. This is just one of 300 significant new features and enhancements delivered in Altium Designer 6.8 which continue the unification of board level design, programmable hardware and embedded software development into a single design environment.

    15 November 2007

    Altium Designer announces that its unified electronic product development system, Altium Designer, will be the standard platform for all finalists in the Industrial Electronics category at the 39th WorldSkills Competition.

    30 October 2007

    Altium Limited today announces that its electronics design software, Altium Designer, has been selected by NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) as the standard for designing electronics systems for use in both manned and unmanned space missions.

    23 October 2007

    Altium has announced support in Altium Deisgner for the LatticeSC and LatticeSCM (collectively, the LatticeSC/M) families of high-performance FPGA devices. Developers using the Altium Designer environment can now target designs for LatticeSC/M devices with full synthesis support.

    17 October 2007

    Altium has announced support in Altium Designer for the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS power simulation system, a joint development between Transim Technology and Catena Software Ltd.

    11 October 2007

    Altium’s Limited is holding a series in China that will unveil the powerful new features of Altium Designer and demonstrate the potential of programmable hardware.

    8 October 2007

    Altium has updated the design translation capabilities of Altium Designer to support the import of Mentor Graphics’ DxDesigner®, making it easier for companies and designers using a DX Designer point tool solution to upgrade to Altium Designer’s unified design environment.

    8 October 2007

    Altium announces the appointment of Samuel S. Weiss as a Non-Executive Chairman of Altium’s Board of Directors.

    4 October 2007

    Altium announces another quarter of strong results: Revenue growth of 29% and sales growth of over 13%.

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