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PCB Editor - PCB Legacy 3D

Modified by Susan Riege on Apr 11, 2017

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The PCB Editor - PCB Legacy 3D page of the Preferences dialog.


As its name suggests, the PCB Editor – PCB Legacy 3D page of the Preferences dialog provides numerous controls relating to the PCB Legacy 3D settings within the PCB workspace.


The PCB Editor – PCB Legacy 3D page is part of the main Preferences dialog (DXP » Preferences) and is accessed by clicking the PCB Legacy 3D entry under the PCB Editor folder, in the left-hand pane of the dialog.



  • Highlight Color - Click the sample color to define the highlight color when target primitive is selected.
  • Background Color - Click the sample color to define the background color.

Print Quality

  • Draft - The draft quality is in the lowest quality suitable for draft printing.
  • Normal - The print quality of 3D object is standard.
  • Proof -  The proof quality is in the highest quality suitable for final printing.

PCB3D Document

  • Always Regenerate PCB3D - Enable this option to always regenerate 3D models every-time the 3D board in Altium Designer is moved/adjusted/modified. This is computer intensive.
  • Always Use Component bodies - Enable this option to use PCB's Component Bodies instead of PCB 3D built in models to model 3D shapes.

Default PCB3D Library

  • Browse - Click this button to change the path to a default PCB3D library of 3D models. A Default path is defined by the system.
For a default installation, the Default PCB3D Library will be: \Users\Public\Documents\Altium\AD16\Library\PCB3D\Default.PCB3DLib.
  • Always regenerate models which cannot be found -  The PCB 3D viewer calculates a 3D model for components that do not have a 3D model. Enable this option to recalculate the 3D model each time the board is displayed. Disable this option and accept the initial calculation of the 3D model. This can improve the speed of display, however if your component footprint is changed then a recalculation of the models is recommended.


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