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Modified by Jun Chu on Apr 11, 2017

The following sections list the release notes for publically released versions of Altium Designer 17.0

For a summary of new features and enhancements in Altium Designer 17.0, see New in Altium Designer.

Version 17.0.11

Build: 656 Date: 28 February 2017 

16348 Updated Release Manager, so in Folder mode, the user has the choice to release to a file or a folder.
16349 Added ability to use special symbols (allowed by OS) in Target Folder attributes (/). Inherit the target folder name from the recognized Configuration name. Allow renaming custom section names (better restructure data using custom release structure).
16351 Relieved restriction on the custom section target items in Release Manager, so they can point to other types except the binary files.
16384 Fixed regression bug that caused an access violation for Step 3D export (TKShHealing.dll).
16502 Fixed graphical glitch with the drop down control under Windows 7.
16503 Fixed import preferences dialog so it no longer shows an incorrect icon in the import settings dialog.
16528 Fixed regression bug that caused DXP to crash after trying to use a revision naming scheme with Revision ID format equal to "ASME_Y14_35M".
16615 Scripting - Fixed regression bug where Format function does not format strings.
16648 Fixed regression bug that caused AD to crash when navigating to an item in Vault Explorer that was released with a custom lifecycle.
16707 Fixed regression bug in Vault Explorer where random footprint preview shown for different parts when a component has a simulation model.

Version 17.0.10

Build: 617 Date: 8 February 2017 

15398 Fixed regression bug that caused Eagle library import to fail.
15633 Fixed issue that prevented releasing mid-size projects due to "out of memory" errors.
15635 Fixed bug that caused the Release to Vault hotkey to not work (BC:7365).
15760 Fixed bug that caused incorrect designators to be assigned to "not fitted" components (BC:7447).
15805 Fixed bug that caused an access violation in module 'WorkspaceManager.DLL' during PCB Physical Differences comparison.
15998 Fixed bug where TC2 mode does not work when a user logged into Vault as an administrator while ignoring TC2 configuration.
16116 Fixed issue with DecimalSeparator being absent in scripting system due to an update in an underlying runtime library (BC:7343).
16119 Fixed bug that caused objects in imported Eagle .brd files to be assigned to the wrong layer.
16136 Removed requirement to select items when generating an ECO via the ItemManager.
16157 Fixed sorting in new Pick and Place file generator.
16194 Fixed regression bug that causes an access violation to occur in FPGA Pins after launching FPGA Signal Manager with a project which uses a Lattice MachXO device.
16198 Fixed bug that prevented generating BOMs from old designs created with templates in the project (with relative paths). Restored "Relative Path to Template File" functionality in BOM Configuration as it was in AD 16.1.12.
16206 Fixed an issue where checkout directories for SVNDblib Symbol and Footprint are no longer subdirectories of the Repository Working Folder (BC:7364).
16209 Fixed bug where graphical glitch appears in a drop down list control (Windows 10 OS).
16212 Fixed bug where special string for the SVN folder revision is named differently in PCB and Sch.
16217 Fixed bug that caused issues in scripts using TCoordRect (BC:7503).
16259 Fixed bug where "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message appears when creating a managed project.
16340 Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where Variant Drawing Style in Draftsman document was not on top of all other entities (BC:7567).
16377 Fixed regression bug where access violation appears after performing left-to-right selection during the holding keyboard button.
16382 Fixed a bug that disabled using the "Shift+c" keys or the "Clear" button to deselect objects that were selected in the schematic editor (BC:7351).

Version 17.0.9

Build: 563 Date: 18 January 2017 

15215 Footprint Parameters - Fixed a bug where parameters are not transferred to a PCB in the case where you use an alternate part with the same footprint.
15634 Optimized PCB loading speed.
15733 Fixed a bug that prevented autosave from saving a backup file (BC:7345).
15758 Fixed a regression bug that occurred when an ECO was generated. Alternate parts with different footprints were deleted from all channels except the first channel.
15792 Draftsman - Fixed a bug that caused an access violation when printing a document with a custom table, through OutJob.
15917 Fixed a regression bug where an access violation occurred in 'KERNELBASE.dll' when dragging Via.
15988 Fixed a bug that caused an access violation to occur during Layer stack table move or change Draw Board Map option.
16038 Fixed bug that caused an access violation in module 'AdvSch.dll' while modifying a line on a schematic or a schematic library.

Version 17.0.8

Build: 518 Date: 28 December 2016 

12177 Fixed a bug that caused a graphic symbol to be shown incorrectly in the drill table.
13934 Fixed a bug where the Windows UAC asks for admin credentials on every start of Altium Designer Dev Elevator.exe.
15198 Fixed a bug that caused a graphical glitch with the drop down menu.
15307 Fixed a bug where a Supplier search in AD 17.0 does not return units for a part's parameters (BC:7280).
15377 Fixed a bug where Embedded SVG of components are moving during navigation and have low-resolution graphics in outputs (BC:7324).
15383 Fixed a regression bug that caused AV to appear after generating a BOM via PDF Container with Russian template from GOST 2.701-2008/2.106-1996 extension.
15386 Fixed a regression bug that broke exporting a PCB to a Netlist.
15415 Fixed An issue causing slowness in Cross Select mode when the PCB List view is shown.
15416 Improved Cross select mode with new preferences to control which object types are included in cross selections.
15421 Fixed an issue with the cross probe tool, cross-select mode no longer interferes with selections made.
15460 Fixed a bug that prevented a PCB file from being saved after running nested commands (BC:7407).
15534 Fixed a regression bug that caused the current layer to be changed when a component is flipped.
15561 Added SWPcbDoc to the list of importable Altium PCB files.
15564 Fixed a bug where hatched Polygon Pour with surrounding pads with arcs are approximated with tracks (BC:7266).
15666 Fixed a bug where a decimal Watts value couldn't be filled in CMPLib if a "comma" was selected as the default decimal indicator.
15687 Fixed a regression bug that didn't allow a network path to be used as a project folder location.
15761 Fixed a bug where the .VersionControl_RevNumber special string was not converted on a PCB if the "VCS Provider - SVN" extension was installed (BC:7293).
15788 Fixed a bug that changed the name of the configuration. If a backslash was used in the configuration name it was changed to an underscore. This name change then makes the configuration backward incompatible with previous versions (16.1 and earlier).
15594 Fixed a bug that caused a delay while switching between open SCH and PCB documents (BC:7380).

Version 17.0.7

Build: 424 Date: 5 December 2016 

15165 Fixed a bug where defining coordinates for String via the PCB Inspector always moves String using the absolute origin. (BC:7267)
15208 Fixed a bug where Select Next (tab) does not work for No Net Objects. (BC:7313)
15233 Fixed a bug where the PCB Editor Object Picker appears after RMC above multiple components and does not work properly.
15282 Fixed a bug where a locked icon is still visible after being locked. (BC:7275)
15299 Fixed a bug where differential pair net labels are case sensitive and this causes DRC errors when the project is compiled.
15304 Fixed a bug where '.VersionControl_RevNumber' special string is not converted on a PCB if "VCS Provider - SVN" extension installed. (BC:7293)
15307 Fixed a bug where a Supplier search in AD 17.0 does not return units for a part's parameters. (BC:7280)
15310 Fixed a bug that caused errors while updating a PCB from a schematic. (BC:7298)
15311 Fixed a bug where a Ctrl-Click to highlight a net does not work when SHIFT-click to select is checked ON.
15322 Fixed a bug where some symbols have no information when opened in Vault. (BC:7297)
15334 Improved routing with Route Guide for nets >2 pins.
15354 Fixed a bug that caused File Save to fail when saving a pcbdoc after performing an ECO with an empty parameter Name.
15385 Fixed a bug where the footprint names were wrong after creating a library from a PCB.
15397 Fixed a bug that caused poor performance when DXP > Preferences > System > Navigation > Cross Selection is enabled.
15417 Fixed a bug where Net de-highlighting is no longer working with "ctrl+click" on a blank region. (BC:7323)

Version 17.0.6

Build: 354 Date: 16 November 2016 

3607 Fixed a bug causing 3D holes to appear in the board with zero edge thickness (BC:149).
6515 Fixed a bug that would not allow a STEP file to be exported to a folder whose name path includes Cyrillic symbols or an umlaut.
6554 Improved mixed simulation with added ability to duplicate an existing waveform chart.
6569 Fixed a bug where Splitlines were missing from the Board Planning view.
7597 Fixed a bug causing Paste and Solder information to be missing from Gerber exports.
7937 Added Zuken CR-5000 ASCII format PCB, schematic, and library files support for Import Wizard. (BC:1467)
8363 Improved Outjobs to support PDF/A for use as an Output Container.
8691 Fixed a bug that did not auto-delete Unions that contain 0 primitives.
8919 Fixed a bug causing incorrect IPC D 356 netlist generation.
8929 Fixed a bug causing board Cutouts on board edges to be missing from exported STEP files.
8948 Fixed an issue causing STEP 3D flex sections to remain unfolded in the output.
8956 Fixed a bug causing Polygon Thermal Conductors to extend beyond defined polygon outline (BC:3936).
9183 Improved BOMs exported to PDF, which now contain page breaks for increased readability and printing (BC:58).
9241 Improved mixed simulation with the addition of a Simulation Probe Manager to optimize the functionality and flexibility of simulation probes.
9476 Added support to automatically register all exporters and Save As formats as Export Outputs (BC:1324).
9516 Fixed a bug causing Special 008E symbols to be duplicated during read/save cycles in Schematic documents.
9583 Fixed a bug causing redundant hollows in the core to be displayed around through-holes on the bottom side of the board.
9598 Added support for simulation profiles to improve the functionality and flexibility of simulation runs.
9615 Improved Undo-Redo functions.
9624 Fixed a bug causing Drill Pair Properties to not refresh in Via Stitching/Shielding and Via dialogs in Win7 with Windows Classic theme.
9649 Improved PCB STEP with new option to export as a single part or as one model (BC:5582).
9736 Draftsman now supports Ordinate (single reference) dimensions.
9751 Added a new back drilling rule, as well as 2D & 3D representation and support for backdrilling output to main fabrication formats. Back drilling information is also available for display in the Drill Table.
9653 Fixed a bug causing zoom and scroll commands to behave incorrectly in a CAM document after importing Gerber files.
9676 Added a lasso selection tool for use in PCB documents (BC:962).
9966 Fixed a bug causing Altium Designer to crash on startup when username contains Korean characters.
10007 Fixed a bug causing DIP .xls template files from the IPC Footprints Batch Generator to be mis-named.
10127 Improved trace quality with addition of a new gloss command for use on selected tracks.
10235 Improved Polygon cutouts so they now produce corner-rounds for rectangular Pad objects and Internal Plane cutouts produce corner-rounds for rectangular Pad holes (BC:2940).
10296 Fixed a bug causing AD to crash during xDxDesigner import.
10338 Improved Primitives Clearances with the addition of an Add Hole constraint (BC:5744).
10340 Improved the Clearance rule so only frequently used items present in the matrix now.
10341 Improved Un-routed net rule with new option to 'Check for incomplete connections' (BC:1119).
10357 Improved Parallel Segment rule checks to exclude Diff Pairs.
10403 Fixed a bug causing catastrophic failure using Network Address.
10412 Fixed a bug causing Pitch1 parameter in SOT23 IPC Compliant Footprints Batch Generator to be handled incorrectly (BC:6245).
10679 Fixed a bug causing "Include Parameters from PCB" option in BOM Report Options to become unchecked (BC:2086).
10876 Fixed a bug causing Messages about Parallel Port to be displayed when Altium Designer is started.
10877 Fixed a bug in Eagle Importer, where schematic parameters were incorrectly imported.
11007 Draftsman has a new Show Silkscreen option for Assembly View.
11010 Fixed a bug causing Allegro v16.6 import designator to assign 'Designator1' for all components.
11201 Draftsman now has optimized speed in Assembly and other views.
11226 Improved PCB footprints so that all objects within the footprint are connected to the same Net (BC:3488).
11403 Improved Interactive routing to include the display of Net Class info in the Head's Up Display and the ability to swap to opposite route point while multi-routing and diff pair routing.
11407 Fixed a bug where invisible objects in single layer mode were able to be selected.
11425 Improved "Select Next" feature in PCB to be extended to apply when multiple traces are selected.
11440 Fixed a bug where the Interactive Route Auto Complete shortcut (Ctrl+Click) was not working correctly.
11446 Users can now swap to the opposite route point for Multi-Route and Diff Pair Route.
11455 Fixed a bug causing "Abstract Error" when searching for and removing an extension in the "Installed" section.
11554 Fixed a bug that caused a solder mask expansion to not generate in 3D and output files.
11689 Improved the Zoom factor specified in the PCB panel and Preferences so it can now be used for cross-probing from the Messages Panel for all PCB messages.
11722 Fixed an issue with loading the Ibis model after selection of the full file path.
11728 Fixed a bug that caused a 'Net with multiple names' violation to disappear.
11793 Fixed a bug where schematic design elements did not stay within the grid in DxDesigner Imports.
11838 Fixed a bug causing P-Cad pin lengths to import incorrectly.
11877 Improved the PCB editor with the implementation of Right and Left selection.
11878 Improved the Schematic editor with the implementation of Right and Left selection.
11879 Improved ability to use Tab key for expanded selection and Shift+Tab keys for iterating overlapped objects.
11880 Fixed a bug causing overlapped objects to be cancelled during group selection when using Shift+Tab.
11884 Fixed a bug where Horizontal Scroll Bar is not displayed in PCB String Editor (BC:6364)
11902 Fixed a bug where an exception occurred when attempting to import OLE objects.
11913 Fixed a bug causing the Electrical Clearance Rule for Via against Via to not work.
11915 Fixed a layer sequence inconsistency between Layer Stackup and ODB++.
11919 Improved SCH component parameters, so they now synchronize with PCB footprints (BC:477).
11954 Fixed a bug where modifying the parameters of a digital SIMCODE model resulted in simulation errors.
11967 Fixed a bug causing Snippet creation to crash when selection contains an Accordion.
11970 Improved ECO performance by optimizing the speed of Import Changes during the initial import on large designs.
11975 Fixed a bug causing Room Width Rule to work incorrectly during interactive routing when the Board Outline clearance rule is also active.
11996 Fixed a bug that caused the scrollbar for the PCB panel to work incorrectly.
11997 Fixed a bug where the Query Builder was missing entries when accessed from PCB.
11998 Fixed a bug where using the * key in Board Planning Mode behaved incorrectly.
12016 Fixed a bug causing 3D STEP export of Rigid-Flex stackupboards to occur incorrectly.
12051 Added a new Pick and Place generator to select pick and place options before generating output (BC:999; BC:2067).
12054 Fixed a bug, which caused analyzation to take a long time if the design includes From-to and accordion objects.
12059 Fixed - Folder Structure Settings "Use Custom output file name" option for all outputers.
12076 Fixed a bug causing Electrical Clearnance Rule to not check clearances between split planes as well as between cooper polygons on signal layers (BC:554).
12077 Improved Clearance Rules by adding an option to Ignore Pad to Pad clearances within a footprint (BC:1817).
12080 Fixed a bug where moving tracks behaves incorrectly with PCB panel open.
12082 Fixed a bug that caused overlapping text in the File Format window.
12092 Improved Smart copper editing to include options for merging and subtracting polygons, as well as the addition of improved editing (BC:1295).
12096 Improved thermal connection to include simple and advanced modes.
12109 Draftsman now supports 3DConnexion Space Navigator.
12112 Fixed a bug where schematic output changes net label and port names to uppercase.
12117 Draftsman - Added ability to use several FAB views in document template (BC:7140).
12131 Fixed a bug where the rule 'Silk to Silk Clearance' was incorrectly processing multline text.
12142 Fixed a bug causing Free 3D model positions to not store after STEP file changes.
12184 Improved ability to re-size unpinned panels to minimal dot size.
12212 Fixed a bug blocking global update due to Altium Vault network activity option.
12213 Fixed a bug causing Flip component command to not work correctly for test point properties (BC:2971).
12216 Several bugs in the Ibis model linking in the SI tool have been fixed.
12227 Draftsman documents have been improved to support Mouse Wheel Configuration (BC:6652)
12228 Improved mouse wheel configuration settings by merging them all into one Preferences page.
12234 Fixed a bug causing 'Toggle Select Sheet Ports IO Type" to only cycle through Input and Output port types.
12240 Improved Cross Select Mode now allows selection of various types of object and can be configured through the Preferences dialog.
12248 Fixed a bug causing Access Violations after deleting a variant with alternate parts created in a batch.
12249 Improved the Synchronize Ports to Sheet Entries window size to work more smoothly.
12252 Improved routing with a new constraint for checking Hole to Primitives Clearances.
12270 Fixed an issue causing IPC Compliant Footprint Wizard to generate BGA 3D models incorrectly.
12298 Improved ODB++ outputs by replacing spaces with underlines for object names.
12302 Fixed a bug causing a rules difference between 15.1 and newer versions of AD.
12304 Draftsman has added Dual Unit capability for Dimensions and for global Document Options (BC:6686).
12306 Fixed a bug that prevented Mechanical Layers 17-32 from being added to All Plots in ODB++ Setup (BC: 6573).
12310 Improved Polygon Pour to include a new constraint for checking Hole to Primitives Clearances.
12374 Improved software speed while using the PCB panel for object selection.
12390 Fixed a bug where probing waveforms during a transient simulation only displayed the Magnitude rather than Real value.
12419 Fixed a bug where SIM: Voltage source and inductor loops were reported incorrectly.
12500 Fixed a bug causing Access Violation to appear when exporting to PCB from CAMtastic and "Layer Physical Order" option isn't defined.
12542 Fixed a bug causing the use of Shift+V shortcut when selecting routing via for template to work incorrectly.
12569 Fixed a bug where redundant hyperlinks for Strings on PCB caused Access Violations.
12678 Improved support for latest version of .Net.
12741 Improved routing menu by combining all route commands together under Route menu.
12799 Improved Allegro footprints import so that ComponentClearance constraint works properly by building artificial 3D bodies for certain components.
12810 Fixed an issue when using "mm" in Report Rules.
12812 Fixed a bug where STEP model generated with IPC Compliant Footprint Wizard for BGA footprint imported incorrectly when BGA package included a large number of balls.
12846 Fixed a bug causing the xDxDesigner Importer to function incorrectly.
12887 Fixed a bug that caused the "Arrange Rooms" action to stop working (BC:7046).
12937 Fixed a bug where sheet blocks templates are missing parameters in Importer xDxDesigner.
12938 Fixed a bug causing a constant error for Z-axis distance measurement between the board and 3D body face.
12987 Improved query language with new function which allows for the conversion of engineering notation from string to number. For example, StrToNumber('2K5', Ohm) > 2500.
13019 Fixed a bug causing xSignals to break after updating from library.
13043 Fixed a bug where custom icons disappeared from the toolbar.
13082 Fixed a bug causing AD to lag while routing in 'Hug n Push Obstacles' mode.
13159 Improved components so they can be locked/unlocked from the PCB panel.
13341 Draftsman has changed the default font to Arial.
13348 Improved support for Eagle hierarchical schematic format.
13409 Draftsman bug causing incorrect bounding boxes for not-fitted components has been fixed.
13439 Improved FPGA by combining all FPGA and related technologies within one extension.
13440 Improved Templates and Annotation menus which have been grouped together on the Schematic Design and Tools Menus.
13469 Fixed a bug preventing Designator autoposition from updating after moving a selection (BC:3534).
13471 Improved confirmation dialog when deleting mixed group of vias and traces with option to Ignore Locked Primitives.
13503 Fixed a bug where PCB printout sets were not using the correct layer order.
13527 Fixed a bug causing layer order representation for blind vias to behave incorrectly.
13545 Fixed a problem in the Signal Integrity tool with using Ibis models of model type tristate.
13554 Fixed a bug causing EOSError STEP Library messages when opening PCBLIBs.
13634 Improved Parameter Manager to reduce delay time when clearing multiple cells or a column.
13644 Fixed a problem in the Signal Integrity tool causing false loops to be detected when arcs were present in the PCB routing.
13663 Fixed a bug causing Access Violation errors when generating reports for Embedded Board Array.
13664 Fixed a bug causing negation bar to shift in PDF output and Print Preview for Schematic prints.
13671 Improved the performance of multi-part components.
13704 Fixed a bug causing artifacts from right and left selection actions to display on schematic documents.
13725 Fixed a bug where F hotkey was duplicated; U hotkey is now used for Full Circle in the SchLib Editor (BC:7011).
13727 Draftsman - Fixed a bug preventing regions for Components from displaying properly when SilkScreen or AssemblyDrawing are selected as geometry source (BC:7009).
13728 Draftsman now shows Outer Contour only for body projection.
13769 Improved the method to modify/edit/finish polygon borders (BC:1031).
13807 Improved No Connect in Polygon Style settings by adding a field for Air Gap value (BC:1804).
13809 The SIMetrix/SIMPLIS extension was updated to support version 8.0 of the SIMetrix software.
13819 Fixed a bug causing Access Violations when opening the Differences Panel in an unsaved document.
13820 Draftsman: Added Default preferences for Ordinate Dimension.
13857 Draftsman now supports Backdrilling in the Drill Table.
14010 Fixed a bug in the Allegro importer that caused component origins to not match.
14059 Fixed an issue with Update From Libraries dialog: the 'Add models found in Library, but not in sheet' option does not work unless the 'Update which models are the current models' is enabled.
14074 Implemented standard CAD right and left rectangle selection display.
14141 Draftsman - Fixed an issue with the graphics draw order being ignored in a PDF export via the File menu.
14192 Fixed an issue where component pins of a schematic in PADS are in a different order after importing into Altium.
14308 Added a custom table for Draftsman.
14345 Fixed a bug where big files opened via SVN fail on slow-speed networks due to timeout errors.
14381 Fixed a bug that allowed selected pins of a locked component to be moved without a warning using Ctr+Arrow keys.
14383 Improved routing menu by combining all route commands together under Route menu.
14425 Cleaned up the graphic for the Dialog box button.
14428 Added "Show in library panel" action to the Preview grid popup menu, if the library is installed.
14466 Fixed a bug in cross select mode preferences. Zooming option is now correctly saved and restored.


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