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Simulation - SIMetrix Interface

Modified by Susan Riege on Apr 11, 2017

Parent page: Simulation Preferences

The Simulation - SIMetrix Interface page of the Preferences dialog


The Simulation - SIMetrix Interface page of the Preferences dialog allows you to decide how you would like to display the graph results.


The dialog is part of the main Preferences dialog (DXP » Preferences) and is accessed by clicking the SIMetrix Interface entry under the Simulation folder in the left hand pane of the dialog.


SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Location

  • SIMetrix/SIMPLIS installation location:
  • Auto Detect


  • Clear existing graph sheets and group data before running a new simulation -
  • Display graph sheets in SIMetrix instead of Altium Designer - enable to view the results of your simulations in SIMetrix rather than in Altium Designer.
  • Always load error files -
  • Show hints -
  • Show warnings -
  • Show locations of models found
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