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Modified by Phil Loughhead on Jun 16, 2017


Three variations of the Choose Item dialog


This dialog allows you to select or create items (such as a template, component, model) from the Altium Vault for release.


This dialog can be accessed from wherever you need to choose a vault-based item, including:

  • From the Sch Editor, select the Design » Templates  » Set Template from Vault command.
  • From the Model Links region of the CmpLib Editor, click the Add button.
  • From most editors, by choosing the Project » Release to Vault as template command from the main menus.


After launching the relevant command or pressing the relevant button, a version of the dialog will appear. This is a slimmed-down variant of the full Vaults panel. Navigate through the folder structure on the left to find and select the desired target item then click OK.

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