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Modified by Susan Riege on Apr 11, 2017
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The System - Default Locations page of the Preferences dialog


The System – Default Locations page of the Preferences dialog allows you to specify default locations for your documents, libraries, and output job files.


This page is accessed by clicking Default Locations under the System folder in the main Preferences dialog (DXP » Preferences).


  • Document Path - use  to open the Browse For Folder dialog to search for and choose the desired default document path folder.
  • Library Path - use  to open the Browse For Folder dialog to search for and choose the desired default library path folder.
  • OutputJob Path - the location for default Output Job files that can be added to a project when using the Project Releaser, and that project currently has no Output Job file(s) associated to it. By default, two files are provided with the installation (Fabrication.OutJob and Assembly.OutJob). You can run with these default files as they are, massage them to suit your needs, and even add additional Output Job files. Simply define the Outjobs as required within the default folder, or your own custom folder location (use  to open the Browse For Folder dialog to search for and choose an alternative folder location). All Output Job files found in the specified location will be added to the project.


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