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Retain License

Modified by Phil Loughhead on Jun 19, 2017

The Retain License dialog


The Retain License dialog allows the user to enter a specific amount of time to retain a seat of an On Demand License. You do not need to remain signed in to your account to use the license in this mode – you can sign out and work offline, in essence, roaming freely with your license seat.


To access this dialog, click DXP » My Account, then click .


To use a seat of an available On Demand license, simply click on the license in the grid, then click on the Roam option in the area below the grid. The Retain License dialog will appear where you can define how many days and/or hours you wish to roam with the seat. Enter the number of days and/or hours or use the up/down arrows next to the text box until the desired number(s) appears.

The maximum time that you can roam with an On-Demand license in this mode is the life of the actual license itself. This is particularly relevant to timed licenses.

If you are roaming with a seat of an On-Demand license and the roaming period elapses, use of that seat will stop, with no grace period.


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