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Modified on Apr 11, 2017

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The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: Kind=PCBView


Displaying your board in 3D is the closest thing to having the real board in your hands, and all before sending it for a prototyping spin. However the beauty of having the physical board in your hands, is that you can naturally turn and rotate the board to view it from different perspectives. To accommodate similar ability in the design space, Altium Designer provides a set of predefined views when viewing your board (or library components) in 3D. Use this feature to change the 3D view, enabling you to quickly appreciate the fruit of your design labor from various popular viewpoints.


This feature is available in the PCB Editor (from the PCB Standard toolbar), and the PCB Library Editor (from the PCB Lib Standard toolbar), provided the editor is set to its 3D viewing mode.

Accessing the Change 3D View feature from the Standard toolbar in PCB and PCB Library Editors.

If you are currently viewing your board/library in 2D, use the 3 keyboard shortcut to change to 3D viewing mode.


Use the drop-down field to choose from the following predefined views:

  • Top Side - viewing the board directly from above.
  • Bottom Side - viewing the board from the bottom (or its solder side).
  • Front Edge - viewing the board from its front edge (or along the positive Y-axis).
  • Back Edge - viewing the board from its back edge (or along the negative Y-axis).
  • Left Edge - viewing the board from the left side (or along the positive X-axis).
  • Right Edge - viewing the board from the right side (or along the negative X-axis).
  • Isometric - viewing the board in isometric projection.


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