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Choose Via Sizes

Modified by Phil Loughhead on Jun 16, 2017

The Choose Via Sizes dialog.


Via sizes are typically affected by rules set in the PCB Editor - Interactive Routing page of the Preferences dialog. When the Via Size Mode option (under the Interactive Routing Width Sources region of the Preferences dialog) is set to User Choice, designers can use the Choose Via Sizes dialog to custom define Via hole and diameter sizes.


Press Shift+V while interactively routing.


Select a Via in the left-hand pane of the dialog to view and edit the sizes for that Via. You can select a Via simply by clicking on it. Information for the selected Via is then viewable on the right-hand side of the dialog.

  • Diameters - This information is view only in the Choose Via Sizes dialog, but allows designers to see whether the Via's diamater is set to Simple (Via hole size and diameter are the same through all layers), Top-Middle-Bottom (Different Hole Size and Diameters can be set at Top Layer, Middle Layer and Bottom Layer respectively), or Full Stack (Different Hole Size and Diameters can be edited at each layer, including all signal layers and planes).
  • Hole Size - Click in the text field to edit the hole size (the inner diameter) of the Via.
  • Diameter - Click in the text field to edit the outer diameter of the Via. For Vias set to Top-Middle-Bottom or Full Stack, designers will need to individually enter a diameter for each available layer.
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