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The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

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This command is used to copy the selected object(s) from the active Draftsman document (*.PCBDwf), to the PcbDrawing Editor's clipboard.

For a high-level look at how the Altium Draftsman Drawing System provides an interactive approach to the creation of production documentation for your PCBs, see Draftsman.


With at least one object selected, this command can be accessed from the PcbDrawing Editor by:

  • Choosing the Edit » Copy command from the main menus.
  • Clicking the  button on the Drawing Document Standard toolbar.
  • Using the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.
  • Right-clicking in the workspace and choosing the Copy command from the context menu.


First, ensure that all objects that you wish to include in the copy are selected in the main workspace.

After launching the command, the selected object(s) will be copied to the PcbDrawing Editor's clipboard.


  1. Use standard Shift+click to select multiple objects.
  2. The software does not use the Windows clipboard for normal copy operations in Draftsman documents. Instead, a separate internal clipboard is maintained for this document type. Also, the internal Draftsman clipboard is entirely independent of the internal clipboards used by any other editors in the software. You can only copy and paste between, or within, Draftsman documents.


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