The Altium Vault family of enterprise products provide a centralized platform to support your design teams and your entire company to easily manage and automate all the small yet crucial details that take time away from designing.

It's the little details that are vital.
Little things make big things happen.

John Wooden

72% of Best-In-Class companies responded that the entire product design team works collaboratively with PCB engineers in a January 2014 study from the Aberdeen Group. Running securely on your own network, the Altium Vault integrates directly with Altium Designer and has browser based management access so you can manage your team’s workflow and ECAD data in a way that makes your entire organization, not just your designers, more efficient, while protecting the integrity of your designs.


Manage all aspects of your organization’s approved components and supply chain data in one central, shared location.


Maintain version history and release managed copies of all your templates, reference, current and completed designs.

Managed Projects &

Manage entire design projects to enable collaboration on a single board and across multiple domains.


Efficiently manage license and network infrastructure to ensure a consistent workflow.