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    World-Renowned Technology for Embedded Systems Development

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    Intelligent Parts Database for Achieving Realizable Design

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  • PDN Analyzer

    Natural and Effortless Power Distribution Network Analysis

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    Parametric Search & Navigation of Product Data in Oracle/Agile - PLM

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    How to Buy

    Contact your local sales office to get started improving your design environment

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    Your Future Depends on PCB Tools So Does Ours


    PCB Born and Raised Since 1985

    You live and breathe PCB design, and so do we. Day in and day out, you are designing electronics for a new future, hurtling the human race forward into space, and connecting us more intimately than ever on planet Earth.

    Your past began the same as ours - with the youthful dreams of grand ideas and the potentiality of even grander futures. And now here we are, together, pushing the maturity of PCB design further than it has ever been. You and I, we are PCB design, and together we’re making something great.

    Explore the future
    PCB Tools as a percentage of total
    Altium revenue.


    An International Enterprise of Creativity

    Your PCB design tools were assembled not just from a company, but from a collection of diverse individuals as passionate about PCB design as you are. We all have a history, a story worth telling, from all across the world.

    You’re a thinker, a dreamer, and a doer, combining your natural passion for creativity and problem-solving to create a better future. At the end of the day, this is your story to tell, through what you decide to create in your electronic designs. And we want to help you tell a better story, with better tools.

    Explore the future


    Connecting Every PCB Designer with the Best Technology

    Growth is a natural part of our evolution as a species. You look to the stars at night and naturally wonder about your place in the future. And we plan for the future of your PCB design tools, so you can plan for yours as well.

    You are the innovators of this day and age, pushing the potentiality of the human race further than it has ever been. Without a compass and a map of where to go, we are but lonely vessels. See where your PCB design tools are headed with a map of the future, and then you’ll know why your future looks great with Altium.

    Explore the future
    Expanding our portfolio to offer something for
    every market segment.
    Consistent, stable revenue growth provides the
    foundation for ongoing investment.


    A Track Record of Continuous Growth

    You want a PCB design tool that will outlast your designs, that stands the test of time in this sea of technological change. Wherever you might be, and whatever you might do, our PCB design tools are there to anchor you in place and let you do the work that you do best.

    You need a PCB design tool that has a future, and you need to know what that future is, so you can feel confident that you have a future as well. Because you and your design tools are intimately connected, the timeless bond between man and machine. We owe our stability to loyal customers like you, and our financial track record shows it. Together, we are creating a more stable and profitable future.

    Latest Financial report Explore the future
    We’re a global company with offices
    where you need us.


    30 Years of Trusted History

    You take PCB design seriously, and so do we. While you’re focused on building the next innovative technology, we’re working hard behind the scenes, making your tools better, faster, and stronger than ever. Wherever you go in the future, our technology will be there with you.

    From our headquarters in San Diego, California, to our support teams around the globe, we’ve got the most talented people on every continent, ready to be there right when you need us. Our tools run securely inside your private network on your hardware. Our websites are hosted outside of our network for added security, for both us and you. Our customer and licensing database is hosted with brand name industry leaders.

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    A Global Community of Engineers and Designers

    Engineers like you are around the world building amazing things with our tools. You provide us with hope for a new, sustainable future. You keep hearts beating for years beyond their biological expiration. And you enable humanity as a whole to discover our place in the vastness of this universe. Together, we’ve created a community of engineers connecting ideas to shape the technology of the future.

    Wherever you are in the world, and whatever language you speak, you always have the familiarity and camaraderie of the universal engineering language. As engineers, we remain permanently connected, each of us embracing a common set.

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