Design and Build Better Products With Rigid-Flex

Reap the benefits of Rigid-Flex PCB's

Rigid-Flex PCB design can be a challenging tactile art, often requiring 3D MCAD design work or trial and error with paper dolls and cardboard cutouts in order to figure out how everything is going to fit together. Not any more! This free Rigid-Flex guide book provides insights and new solutions to the old holes that could otherwise sink your innovative design project. Download now!

Right-first-time Rigid-Flex PCB design is easier than you think!

Rigid-Flex PCB design is being turned to more often than ever to meet the demands of product ergonomics, density, complexity and features. The practical guide book on Rigid-Flex PCB design is now available for free download.

About the Author
Ben Jordan has been designing and building electronics since he got his first soldering iron at 8 years old. He has several years of experience in embedded systems design, FPGA design and PCB design. Ben holds a Bachelor of Engineering with first class honors from University of Southern Queensland.