Data Management and
Version Control

Store all of your libraries and design data in one secure and accessible space
with a version control system designed for hardware development.

One Secure
Workspace with
Granular Access Control


From schematic sheets to component libraries and manufacturing packages, all your hardware design data resides in one secure workspace accessible from any device. With complete control over who can view, edit, download and reshare design files, everyone always has access to the right design data at the right time.

Git Version
Control for Hardware Development


Altium 365 is built with Git version control system under the hood and optimized for hardware development. You don’t need to manage repositories or decipher a textual diff to understand what changed in your hardware project.

Full Traceability
and Transparency


Know who made changes to the project, when, and why. Quickly identify what changed with a visual diff designed for hardware. Revert to a previous version if needed, and never wonder again whether the “v4_final2” version is truly final.

Key Features

Project History

With a complete history of changes, you can see all the project commits and releases and detailed information on the changes introduced with each iteration.

Visual Comparison

Compare your Schematic, PCB, Gerber, or BOM files with ease. The powerful visual diff highlights changes quickly while eliminating irrelevant noise. You can compare existing commits and releases or your local, not yet committed, files to previously committed design versions.

Design Reuse

Build reusable circuits (with both logical and physical parts), validate them once, and integrate them into future projects. You no longer need to search through previous designs to copy circuitry.

Configurable Lifecycle Management

Define and control how your components, templates, project releases, and other assets are used across the workspace. Confidently release to manufacturing knowing that your team has been working with approved design items from day one.

Requirements Management

Altium 365 Requirements Manager, powered by Valispace, connects design data and requirements to accelerate design processes, efficiently analyze requirement change impact, and automate compliance verification. Say goodbye to disjointed workflows and welcome efficient, error-free hardware development. Learn more about how Requirements Manager can transform your engineering processes for faster design with fewer errors.

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