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Send your product to manufacturing in a click without any email threads or confusion about last-minute changes.

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Push to Manufacturing

Save time and avoid any costly mistakes by sharing a version-controlled release package with your manufacturer in a single click.

Fabrication and assembly files remain error-free with automated validation checks, including ERC and DRC.

Manufacturers can view and comment on your output files from any browser without the need to install Altium Designer or pay for additional licenses.

Rapid Pricing and Production with Altimade

Introducing Altimade, the next evolution of electronics manufacturing.

Gain access to fast and accurate pricing and delivery estimates for your design without a single export when you enable Altimade in Altium Designer. Powered by Altium 365, Altimade makes it possible to securely and instantly share your design with Altium’s trusted manufacturing partners, creating a single digital thread that connects every step of the manufacturing process.

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