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The World's #1 PCB Design Tool at an Unbeatable Price

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The World’s #1 PCB Design Tool at an Unbeatable Price


How does On-Demand licensing work?

Altium Designer's On-Demand licensing offers you global floating license capability - within the geographic scope of your license and the conditions set out in the EULA - without the need to implement your own dedicated server. The system provides a flexible, streamlined approach to licensing, allowing you to obtain a license in a matter of mouse clicks, when and where you want it - the true essence of an on-demand system. For other license types, please contact your sales representative or chat us below.

What is Altium 365?

Altium 365 is the world’s first cloud platform for electronics, accessible from Altium Designer or any internet-connected device. Your designs and data, component libraries, and everything else you need to create, release, and update your PCB design is available wherever you are, securely shareable, and always up-to-date. No installation required, no IT infrastructure needed, and no hassles. Simply put, It just works.

Altium 365 is seamlessly connected to Altium Designer. Simply work the same way you work today and Altium Designer stores to your Altium 365 workspace, connects to your Altium 365 hosted libraries and behaves just as if you were working on your PC drive.

Altium 365 is built on the cloud, so you have access to your designs and data wherever you go. You have secure access through your Altium Designer CAD environment or any device with a web browser. And the Altium 365 Viewer is 100% web-based, allowing you and anyone you decide to share with to easily and conveniently view schematics, board layers, nets, and even 3D views of your printed circuit board.

No server setups, no updating of software, and no hardware required for applications such as ConcordPro that are hosted on the Altium 365 Cloud Platform. Even the Altium 365 Platform itself is updated with no manual effort as we add capabilities and features that make your work even more convenient, collaborative, and connected.

What is included in the price?

You'll receive one perpetual license of Altium Designer plus 1-year of subscription, which includes access to Altium 365 as well as the following:

  • Full 3D PCB Design Environment
  • Full PCB Layout
  • Interactive Routing
  • PCB Manufacturing File Outputs
  • Fabrication/Assembly Drawings
  • CAM editor
Can I import my existing Design Data?

The Import wizard allows you to import your legacy design data from other ECAD tools such as ORCAD, PADS, Expedition, Allegro, DxDesigner, Eagle, and Zuken.

What are my recurring costs after year one?

After your first year, in order to remain on subscription you will be charged an annual subscription fee.

Are other add-ons required?

No other add-ons required, Altium does offer robust Component Management and PDN Analyzer for Visual Power Analysis that require additional licensing if you choose.

Why Choose Altium Designer?


All in One Unified Experience

The only Unified PCB Design Experience available covering concept through realization all at an easy to understand "asterisks-free" price. No hidden costs or expensive modules to add if your design complexity increases.


Latest Technology, Simple User Interface, and New Integrations

The most advanced GUI available today acts as a seamless extension of your creativity, allowing you to spend your time pushing the limits of what you can do instead of figuring out how you can do it.


Capable of Handling Any Design Complexity

Packed with industry-first and best in class capabilities that make even the most capable designers and engineers better and every design experience more enjoyable.

And Altium 365 - The Most Connected Experience for PCB Design and Realization

Customer Interaction

Support a wide range of customer interaction scenarios that cater to everyone, no matter their depth of involvement. Share your project through a web browser to let them view or comment on schematics, layout, and 3D design. Control what is shared and when with live sharing or published design snapshots. This means no more exporting to PDF or STEP, and no more loss of context due to triangulated emails.

Design Review

Enable efficient design review whether your in a conference room or on the other side of the world. Markups in the form of contextual commenting allow users to highlight a component or area on a schematic or layout and leave a direct comment that can be reviewed and addressed by another collaborator via the browser interface.

Electronic Collaboration

Share your design with fellow engineers who are ready to collaborate. From simple web browser access that allows design visualization and markups to connections in Altium Designer that enable engineers to author changes. Formal version control lets you easily keep track of everything and revert back at any time to ensure nobody falls out of sync.

Manufacturer Collaboration

Formal atomic design releases ensure that you have a coherent set of manufacturing data. From there, you can create a manufacturing package based on the specifications of your manufacturing partner. Using a dedicated link, they can click to access the portal, which enables them not only to collect the information they need but to inspect and visualize the design directly in their browser.

Mechanical Collaboration

Native integration between electronic and mechanical domains is provided through the built-in co-designer that connects with PTC Creo, Dassault SolidWorks, and Autodesk Inventor. From within Altium Designer and corresponding MCAD tools, engineers can push and pull design data back and forth in real-time. Users are notified when changes are made by one another and can preview them before implementation.

Software Collaboration

Software engineers can now access schematics, layout, and 3D models of a board directly in their browser. This gives them the ability to search for nets and components, and cross-prob between schematics and layout to help ensure the project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Remote Working

Built-in storage and version control that’s tightly integrated with Altium Designer enables users to access the latest data from any device they are working on, no matter their location. Just log in and connect to your workspace to get started.

Altium Designer + Altium 365

Altium Designer and Altium 365 combine to deliver the world's first connected design experience, allowing you to share and collaborate along every step of your design to realization process from concept to manufacturing.

What’s included

  • One year of Altium Subscription
  • Access to Altium 365
  • Access to Altium Support
  • Perpetual license to use Altium Designer
  • Access to Training Modules