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At Altium, we build leading tools and solutions that enable Engineers and PCB Designers to reach new heights in productivity and creativity. We're constantly working to meet the changing needs of our users and that's why we've consistently delivered major annual releases for the past 7 years straight.

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Meet the next generation of Easy, Modern, and Powerful PCB design.
Take a glimpse at some of the new and exciting functionalities coming soon in Altium Designer 20!

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Any Angle Routing

Expertly maneuver around obstacles on a densely populated board, routing deep into your BGA, eliminating the need for extra signal layers. With an intelligent obstacle avoidance algorithm, you're able to avoid obstacles using tangential arcs, making the most efficient use of your board real estate.

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Editing traces to improve signal integrity can be time-consuming, especially when you have to edit individual arcs and serpentine tunings. This is why Altium Designer 20 incorporates a new gloss engine and advanced push and shove capabilities to help speed up this process so you can improve your productivity.

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Interactive Properties Panel

Have complete clarity to design objects and functions with the updated properties panel. View pertinent properties, supplier info, and even life-cycle info all in real-time.

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Schematic Rendering

A smooth and fast schematic experience awaits thanks to DirectX in Altium Designer. This new implementation smoothes out zooming, panning even dramatically speeds up copy and paste functionality.

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Schematic Dynamic Data Model

Unnecessary re-compiling of large schematics can take up a lot of time. This is why Altium Designer uses a new dynamic data model, which incrementally and continuously compiles in the background eliminating the need to perform a full design compile.

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Time Based Matched Lengths

High-speed digital circuits depend on signals and data arriving on time. If traces are improperly tuned, flight times vary and data errors can be abundant. Altium Designer 20 calculates the propagation time on traces and provides synchronized flight time for high-speed digital signals.

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Creepage Voltage Rule

In high voltage circuits creepage can be a problem, causing leakage current that can jeopardize your design. Altium Designer 20 has new features that can help you avoid creepage

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Return Path Checking

High-speed signals create electromagnetic fields that can cause cross talk, data errors or be radiated unless proper return paths are provided. Proper return paths allow noise currents to return to the ground through a very low impedance, eliminating the problems. Altium Designer 20 will monitor return paths and check the return path integrity of all reference polygons so that you won’t have to manually do it.

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Currently Available in Altium Designer 19

The release of Altium Designer 19 marked another step forward for PCB Designers and Engineers around the world. Its innovations help those who use it design superior quality electronics with multi-board capability, 3D modeling, enhanced HDI, routing automation, and more.

Real-Time BOM Management

Generate and build comprehensive BOM reports quickly and accurately with access to the latest supplier information and parts availability in ActiveBOM ® .

Advanced Layer Stack Manager

Easily define stackups and exploit comprehensive editing type functionality from the convenience of your layer stack management tool.

Multi-Board Modelling and Collaboration

Simplify object mating with a single point selection for each object with MCAD-like editing functionality, powered by a new 3D engine.

High-Quality Routing Automation

Complete and perfect your routes in a fraction of the time with new capabilities in ActiveRoute ® like the Move Component feature, Glossing Pushed Routes and Follow Mode.

Object-Level Pad & Thermal Connections

Use the powerful Properties panel to edit your Thermal Relief settings for one or multiple vias in a single edit action.

Refined Documentation Process

Utilize new, realistic board region views and create highly customizable fabrication and assembly drawings in Draftsman ® .

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