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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the CircuitStudio documentation located?

As well as documentation, see the Knowledge Base and videos for "How To" achieve common tasks in CircuitStudio, and join the user forums to interact with other users.

Knowledge Base (more in depth than FAQ):

Getting Started videos:

Playlist of all CircuitStudio videos on YouTube:

Tip: CircuitStudio Documentation may be reached quickly by pressing F1 while in a menu or dialog.

How do I get CircuitStudio?

You can evaluate CircuitStudio with a 30-day free trial. To begin your free trial, install the software and then fill out the trial form that appears after the installation is complete.

Ready to purchase the software? Head on over to the Element 14 store.

Is CircuitStudio licensing time based or perpetual?

CircuitStudio licenses are perpetual and include 12 months of subscription (maintenance). Any updates including major product releases may be installed during the 12 months period. After 12 months, the software continues to work and may be reinstalled with versions prior to the subscription expiry date.

An additional 12 months of subscription (maintenance) can be purchased at any time using MFG PN 11-004-15-1 E.

Does subscription mean time limited?

No! CircuitStudio Subscription provides entitlement to updates so that when newer software is released you may stay up to date during the Subscription period. This is often referred to as Maintenance, but in Altium terminogy this is named Subsription. The software keeps working even after Subcription is expired because the CircuitStudio licenses are perpetual.

Do I need to be signed into my account to use my Standalone license?

With a Standalone license, the only time you need to sign in to your CircuitStudio account for licensing purposes is when:

  • You are activating the license for the first time.
  • You are reactivating the license (required for example when you have deleted the license and don't have a backup of the license file).
  • Once licensed, the software does not "phone home" and does not have any timers to prevent it from working.