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    Leading network management solutions provider Cornet Technology uses Altium Designer to create advanced data and communication routing products for the world market.

    The Need

    Founded in 1989, Cornet Technology specializes in the development and implementation of video,voice, and data network technology solutions for both government and private corporations. As a leading supplier of physical layer switching products for networks systems worldwide, Cornet develops its range of matrix and fiber switches, video distribution units and cable management systems at its advanced manufacturing facility
    in Springfield, Virginia. 

    To maintain Cornet's industry-leading position as a provider of advanced, ultra-reliable network switching systems for critical applications such as military communications, transport monitoring and surveillance installations, the company uses a range of sophisticated engineering tools to design and manufacture its products. Integral to the company's success is the use of Altium's unified electronic product development system – Altium Designer – for its schematic capture and board-level design needs.

    The Challenge

    Board-level design for Cornet Technology's extensive array of data switching and processing products demands a high level of expertise from both Cornet's engineers and the development tools they use. Designed from the ground up, typical boards are large, involve 12 layers, and pack in around 2000 components with controlled impedance requirements and a high degree of circuit area duplication. Design times are in the order of only two to three weeks, yet the final performance and reliability of the product - and therefore the PCB - must be first rate. Cornet's extensible designs demand a high degree of flexibility from the development software, which must also be capable of producing concept-toreality board designs within the short production times required to fulfill key contracts and meet market demands.

    The Solution

    Cornet Technology uses the Altium Designer unified electronic development system to meet its need for powerful yet flexible board-level design. Altium Designer's intelligent copy and paste functions plus advanced 'placement room' capabilities allow Cornet engineers to quickly create complex multilayer boards with large sections of duplicated circuitry that are typically required by high-capacity network switching products. This, coupled with Altium Designer's powerful design rule checking, advanced layout features and intuitive user interface, creates an accurate, productive design environment to keep Cornet's products on schedule and within performance targets.

    The Results

    Since joining Cornet Technology in 1999, senior PCB design engineer Don Starsiak has become a strong advocate of Altium's design software and the benefits it brings to the company's PCB design and production. As a past user of alternative, competing software, Don finds Altium Designer far easier to use, more productive and ultimately a much more effective development tool. While typical projects in the past would take him around a month to finish, equivalent designs can now be completed in  half the time using Altium Designer. From a company perspective, Don also notes that Altium Designer's intuitive operation and interface allows Cornet engineers become productive very quickly, without the need for formal training or specialized services. In addition he points out that Altium Designer is far more cost-effective than competing products - even those that offer significantly less features - which along with the productivity gains, yields a direct cost of ownership benefit for Cornet.

    Product Information

    Cornet Technology designs and manufactures a diverse range of video, voice, and data switch technology for a variety of applications including corporate, carrier, CLEC, ISP, military, civil engineering, SCADA, mobile transports, space/satellite ground stations, plus video in the areas of intelligent transportation infrastructure, security, and CCTV. Cornet Technology's solutions support a broad range of the interfaces and speeds, including all traditional serial interfaces, carrier interfaces, broadband interfaces, analog and digital video, plus Twinax and Coax.

    Customer Information

    Cornet Technology, Inc. (CTI) is a manufacturing and professional services company consisting of three divisions: Video Convergence manufacturers video products and provides comprehensive integration services to the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market; Cornet Technology designs and manufactures data network solutions for the federal government and private corporations; and Anami Communications develops and integrates video conferencing solutions and provides information technology services to federal, state and local governments, and corporations worldwide. CTI is headquartered near Washington, D.C. in Springfield, Virginia, and has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom with subsidiaries in Germany, Japan, and India.  

    For more information, visit

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