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Public Release Notes for Altium NEXUS Server

Created: March 30, 2021 | Updated: July 20, 2021

The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium NEXUS Server 4.0.

Version 4.0.3

Build: 1 Date: 20 July 2021

15007 Added the ability to define target folder of WTDocuments during Publish to PLM (Windchill). Note that this functionality requires Windchill REST API version 1.3 or later.

Version 4.0.2

Build: 1 Date: 25 June 2021

14954 Fixed issue with .NET Core installation that occurred when installing on some operating systems and on a fresh computer (where an Altium Server had not been installed previously).
15016 Added an explicit check before installation for the amount of disc space needed for a search index rebuild. Lack of disc space was causing failure of installation.

Version 4.0.1

Build: 34 Date: 12 April 2021

Major Features

4291 Introduced component view in web ui.
7544 Introduced Revert action in the History view for a project within the desktop client.
7557 Improved web view, collaboration and download capabilities for released data sets.
7558 Improved usability and look & feel of project releases view in web-UI.
7924 Introduced Project History
8144 Introduced soft deletion support for various content types. Such items are sent to an isolated Trash area of the server, from where they can be permanently deleted or restored as required. Requires Altium NEXUS 3.2 or later.
8784 New generation of comments in both desktop client and project Web Viewer.
8827 Introduced option to export various outputs from project web view.
9490 New project Web Viewer technology.
9765 Introduced conflicts prevention feature which provides real-time document sharing information and control in the design editing environment (requires Altium NEXUS 4.1.1 or later).

Web UI

5798 Fixed issue where different layers have the same colors in Web Viewer when PCBDoc is saved while in 3D view.
8826 Improved selection order of overlapping primitives in Web Viewer.
8851 Fixed issue with incorrect display of variant name special string in web viewer.
8853 Introduced support for multi-channel designs in project Web Viewer.
8897 Introduced variant support for PCB 2D/3D and BOM for project Web Viewer.
8942 Extended project Web Viewer with option to navigate by ports.
9525 Added measurement capabilities to PCB data view of Web Viewer: free, point to point and object to object.
10046 Improved support of special strings handling in project Web Viewer.
10538 Improved support for variants in project Web Viewer.
10636 Fixed issue where PDF documents with special characters could not be downloaded from Releases page in web browser.
10883 Improved Web UI navigation - contextual header with back option.
10886 Fixed number of issues with project web view generation.
10899 Web UI refresh & improvements.
11255 Fixed project page rendering in Safari browser.

Infrastructure & Administration

4166 Improved user management in Web UI.
5249 Added missing license status indication.
7261 Fixed the issue where LDAP sync overwrite existing data option does not work as expected.
10513 Fixed the issue where non-admin users cannot change own user credentials.
11167 Fixed discrepancy of errors displayed in web's Health page compared to standalone Health Monitor.
11316 Fixed issue where upgrade of NEXUS with Oracle backend failed.
11443 Introduced batch delete action for soft deleted items in server Trash folder.
11455 Search index infrastructure updates.
11714 Fixed customer reported issues with server installation & update procedure.
11973 Fixed issues concerning various multiple email authentication methods.
12025 Notification system improvements and bug-fixes.

Components & Libraries

4941 Improved performance of batch component updates after symbol/footprint/template editing.
6141 Fixed issue where a false error was being logged while editing components, in a server running within a non-English locale.
6437 Fixed issue with TLS 1.2 when performing part choice operations.
6497 Fixed issue with Batch Editor not populating existing component parameters when updating related components after component template modification.
7014 Fixed issues where CSV Uploader component sync does not work for larger CSV files.
8199 Fixed issue where user without proper rights can release a new or edited component.
8759 Fixed issue where prepare cart in Explorer panel causes an error.
9897 Fixed issue where component count per folder is incorrectly displayed in Components panel.
10317 Added option to exclude items in restricted lifecycle states, to be updated by "Update release item" command.
11712 Fixed issue with altered symbol font setting when updating Vault to NEXUS.


4922 Added support for any parameter BOM upload for PTC WC with REST 1.8 onwards.
5340 Fixed issue with retrieving latest version of product when configuring NIS packages.
5813 Added support precise/imprecise BOM handling for PLM integration with Teamcenter.
5917 Added support for Oracle 19c.
5956 Introduced accumulating notes field in workflow forms.
6161 Introduced new event type in workflows to enable sending email notifications to selected users at any time in workflow.
6735 Extended workflow with option to change lifecycle state of an object.
7156 Added support for part choices from PTC Windchill REST 1.6.
9158 Introduced support for using variant name parameter when publishing release data to PLM.
9315 Added support for PTC Windchill's unit of measure with PTC REST 1.6.
9814 Enabled project creation request workflow.
10298 Publishing to Arena would publish released files to new revision of existing Arena files, instead of creating new Arena files.
10321 Added the ability to read existing ECO fields when "Use Existing" ECO option is chosen during project creation/publishing to PLM.
10554 Added support for integration with PTC Cloud instance.
10765 Fixed issue with failure of subsequent Publish to PTC WC operation.
11099 Fixed issue where workflow initiator's input is not stored.

Projects & Releases

5716 Fixed issue with cloned projects still using original projects folder as target for Project Releaser generated items. (BC:14170)
5756 Added option for for MCAD model property used for component recognition, in MCAD CoDesigner settings.
6024 Improved default sort for projects in Web UI to base on 'Last modified' date.
6601 Fixed issue with CoDesigner working for non-admin user.
7162 Improved released package download.
7562 Added ability to save to server a project with period (.) and/or comma (,) in its name.
10099 Introduced project folder visibility and project categorization option in web UI.
10124 Added ability to change lifecycle state for released outputs in Web UI.
10443 Introduced new project view UI in NEXUS through Explorer panel.


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