Command line installation parameters

Created: April 1, 2021 | Updated: August 12, 2021

This article covers the command line installation parameters that are available for Altium Designer.

Starting in Version: 18.0
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

The Altium Designer Installer accepts a limited number of command line parameters which (for example) could be used to allow the initiation of a silent install:

AltiumDesignerXXSetup.exe -Programs:"C:\Program Files\Altium\ADXX" -Documents:"C:\Users\Public\Documents\Altium\ADXX" -UI:None -AutoInstall -InstallAll -User:"firstname.surname@domain.part.region" -Password:"password"
XX represents the version number
-Programs:{specify the installation path}
-Documents:{specify the target installation path for the examples}
-UI:{Full | Simple | None} (Full - the full/standard wizard interface; Simple - the GUI which is seen when doing an update from Altium Designer; None - without GUI)
-AutoInstall (everything should be installed without further requests/dialogs)
-InstallAll (tells the installer to install all Modules, e.g. including Importers\Exporters, without this parameter the standard modules will be installed)
-User:{AltiumLive User Name} (necessary if using the Web Installer, not necessary if using the Offline Installer)
-Password:{AltiumLive password} (necessary if using the Web Installer, not necessary if using the Offline Installer)

There are tools available (Network Installation Service (NIS)) to create an MSI package in our Altium Infrastructure Server (AIS) which you can download and install (free, from the downloads page):
Here's more information:

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