Connection lines disappear when moving component

Created: March 25, 2021 | Updated: July 22, 2022

On a component with n-number pads the connections disappear when moving the component

Starting in Version: 18.0
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

There could be several issues. Check the following:

With the hotkey N you can make the connections disappear.

The three Net Connection Lines cycle states (through the hotkey N): 
-Hidden (No connection lines)
-Pad to Pad connect
-Break (Route to Route)

While dragging the component, cycle through the connections by pressing N. You can view the current mode in the HUD:

If there are a large number of connections, check:

Preferences (gear icon in the top right) ► System ► General ► Advanced button ► Search for PCB.ComponentDrag.ConnectionLimitIncrease the value to 500.  Increasing the number to 500 means components with 500 connections or less will show.  If the component has more than 500 connections the number should be increased accordingly.

To have the connection lines move with the component when using Edit ► Move ► Component, as they do when just clicking and dragging the component in the PCB editor, "Comp Drag" must be set to "None".  See Preferences ► PCB Editor ► General ► Other (section) ► Comp Drag set to "None".  Either way, they will show on the component when you are done.
If tracks have been placed, then for the:
None setting:  Connection lines will be shown while dragging but the tracks will not move.
Connected Tracks setting:  Tracks will move with the component.
You can read more detail by expanding the "Move Component" section of this document:
You can learn more about the Preference settings for Comp Drag in the "Other" section of this document:

Here's another (more general) Knowledge Base Article that may be of interest:

Connection Lines on PCB - Rats nest display
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