Created: February 26, 2022 | Updated: February 26, 2022

When I move or drag a component other components move with it. Also covers an error about a name already exists, and "This object is part of a locked union. Continue?"

Starting in Version: 18.0
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

If components are moving as a group, they may be part of a union.  Here's documentation that will help you work with Unions:

If you get this error when loading your project:
The following exception occurred whilst loading section UnionNames
Can't add union with name "Name" because already exists.


Unions error.png
To fix this delete the union and re-create it. The PCB panel can be used by setting it to Unions at the top) to check for duplicates and/or to find the one mentioned in the error.

PCB unions.png
 If you try to move a union and get a message that this object is part of a locked union, you can check for locked objects using the PCB List panel

Select the items of the union you wish to investigate and access the PCB List panel.
In the upper left corner of the panel, set the options to: Edit | Selected Objects -'include'- all types of objects.
Check the "Locked" column to find the items in selection that have a 'Check' enabled for its locked property.

PCB List.png

Here is documentation for the PCB List panel:

If 3D bodies on a mechanical layer attached to the part have been locked, you will also get this message.  You can check for locked parts when you search for them in 3D mode.

Please note:
Align commands don't support unions
Accordions are "Interactive Unions" that cannot be added to another union.

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