Unknown Server - Can't make project available online

Created: March 25, 2021 | Updated: May 19, 2023

When it is opened, the project is shown in the projects panel under 'Unknown Server'. Even though I am logged into a workspace, I am not presented with the option to 'make project available online' when I right click on the project name in the projects panel. If I try to share the project, I am presented with a 'please switch to workspace to share this project' message.

Starting in Version: 19.0
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

This project may have previously belonged to a workspace or other managed content server.  You can use the Project Packager Wizard to clear this information. 

Accessing the Project Packager Wizard:
The Wizard is launched using one of the following methods:

Select Project ► Project Packager from the main menus.
Right-click on a Project in the Projects panel then select Project Packager.
Type C, P in the PCB editor workspace.

In the Zip File Options page, look for the Managed Projects section, where you can select the option "Unlink project from the server during packaging" - check this box if you wish to stop the synchronization between your local project and the managed incarnation of it that was made available in a workspace.  Doing so will ensure the link information to the mirrored project in the Workspace - which resides within the project file (*.PrjPcb) - is removed as part of the packaging process.

Here's more information:
Afterwards, you can expand the zipped folder to open the packaged project and make it available online.

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