Version not supported with private license server - Refresh PLS & AIS

Created: March 25, 2021 | Updated: March 16, 2022

This article covers what to do when you get "Version Not Supported" error when using a private license server. It also has a comparison of the legacy Private License Server (PLS) and our current license server, Altium Infrastructure Server (AIS.)

Starting in Version: 18.0
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

This symptom usually indicates your private license server license(s) need to be "refreshed". This can happen when your subscription has been renewed without updating the license information on your private license server.  The steps to resolve this issue depend on which license server you are using which can be determined by checking to see what port are you using in your client's "Set up Private License Server" settings.  Our legacy Private License Server (PLS) uses port 21001 and our Altium Infrastructure Server (AIS), along with our Vault/NEXUS/Concord Pro servers use port 9780.  If your Altium Designer license management page indicates an "Activation Code Used" that is another confirmation that you are using AIS.  Instructions to refresh your license(s) for your version below.
To "Refresh" or update a license on your PLS:
You must first delete the expired one, then click the "Activate" button at the bottom left.  You will then be prompted to log in with your AltiumLive account.  At the next screen, find the license and click the Activate button.

If your PLS is not connected to the internet, use the "Add Licenses" button after you have the *.alf file downloaded from AltiumLive Dashboard.  This video covers how to get your license (*.alf) file(s):
If you are using a secondary PLS that is not connected to the internet, a secondary private license file can't be downloaded from the dashboard.  The secondary license file can only be acquired by using the "Activate" button when connected to the Internet.  As an alternative approach, you can install PLS on a computer that is connected to the internet, activate the license then use the Save License Files button or look in C:\ProgramData\Altium2004 for the new *.alf file to copy to your production secondary PLS.

At the Altium Designer client, it may be necessary to use the refresh option while the license is highlighted in the license management page to see the new expiration date.  Here is our Legacy Private License Server (PLS) documentation if you are interested in more detail:  
To "Refresh" or update a license on your AIS:
This is performed through the server's License Manager page (ADMIN ► LICENSES), by clicking on the circular blue refresh arrow button at the right end of the license line on the licenses page.  Here's a link to a video:

If your AIS is not connected to the internet, you must first delete the expired one, then use the "Add Licenses" button and select "From file" (after you have the .alf file downloaded from AltiumLive Dashboard.)  This video covers how to get your license (*.alf) file(s) (it's at a later point from the same video as above):
We still support our legacy Private License Server (PSL) Download from here:
Legacy Private License Server (PLS) Documentation (uses port 21001):
Legacy Private License Server (PLS) Configuring Users & Groups:
Can't use Roaming,
but supports redundancy with Primary and Secondary servers
No reporting

Runs as a service - Altium Security Service
Our current version is called Altium Infrastructure Server (AIS) which you can get from our downloads page:
Altium Infrastructure Server (AIS) documentation (uses port 9780):
Notice in the left column, you can click on links to sub-pages for System Requirements & Installing the Software
(Don't install on a machine that is running SQL)
Altium Infrastructure Server (AIS) Managing license access with users and roles:!manage-license-access
Client set up:!license-altium-software
Video:  Connect to an AIS Private License Server
(Use port 21001 for PLS.  Use port 9780 for AIS)
Here are the reasons some customers choose to update (still 32-bit):
Web interface management
Works better over a VPN because It uses TCP/IP traffic which is generally more routable than UDP.
Keeps track of session information for better reconnection after interruption
Can use roaming ("checking out" a license)!assign-licenses!roaming
Can adjust the license idle usage time before the license is returned
(Queries a client over the network as set by the nominated timeout interval (configurable from 1 to 4 hours, 4 by default) and expects a response.)
Can "release" a license from the server if you want to take away a license that someone isn't really using (left in a hurry)
License usage reporting options 
Supports Network Installation Service

We don't recommend installing on machine that is running SQL
Uses IIS.  The default ports are 80 and 443 or possibly 8080.
Free - licenses to make it work and to be able to manage it remotely, come in the zip package
The Infrastructure Server can only be accessed by Altium Designer version 16.0 and above.
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