Re-adding a project to the Altium 365 workspace

Created: March 25, 2021 | Updated: May 21, 2022

How to re-add a project to the Altium 365 workspace. If the project has been already deleted from the workspace but you want to re-release the project back to the workspace, we need to remove the links from the previous release to the workspace to allow for the re-release to be available.

Solution Details

The Make Available Online dialog is used to register a local, unmanaged project with your connected Altium 365 Workspace. To access this dialog, right-click on an unmanaged project in the Projects panel, then choose the Make Project Available Online command from the context menu.

As soon as the project is registered in the Altium 365 workspace, the Make Available Online dialog is no longer available. This dialog will not be available even with the removal of the project from the Altium 365 workspace. We must first remove the links that are in the local version of the project. 

To re-add the project to the Altium 365 workspace take the following steps:

  • Right-click on a project in the Projects panel select Project Packager

img 1.jpg

  • Most settings can be left default, but they can be customized based on your desire. However, make sure "Unlink project from the server during packaging" is selected as this is required to properly remove any server links to the existing workspaces.

img 2.jpg

A zip file will be created from the Project Packager and will contain a new project archive without any server links. The file will be saved in the local project folder by default. Please note that the path can be customized as well, and it can be relocated to a different path for better management of projects. 

At this point, the new project archive can be extracted, and you can open the design in Altium Designer where the “Make Project Available Online” will be available to release the project to your Altium 365 workspace.

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