Say No To Subscription Only Licenses!

EAGLE™ no longer sells perpetual licenses. They make you pay again and again for the same tool. The last thing you need is another deadline standing between you and your designs. Don’t pay for your time, pay for your tools.

Every hour a new engineer switches to Altium Designer. Want to know why? Our doors are open to anyone looking to get more out of their design tool, whether you’re a lone engineer or part of a large organization. Get in touch with our team and we'll come up with a solution that meets your budget.

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Say No To Subscription Only Licenses

Take ownership of your design environment with perpetual licensing available for all Altium products. Preserve the integrity of your designs with all your trusted project data stored locally and easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Enrich your creative process with a professional PCB design tool by a stable partner with a 30 year track record.

Altium Designer is built for those that push the boundaries of PCB design by leveraging advanced technologies to harness their passion for creativity. Experience a design environment that’s tailored to your creative needs. Altium Designer offers innovative technologies to put the focus back onto the creative elements of the design process.

Rekindles your desire to design electronics

Reintroduces your passion for the art of engineering

Revolves around what inspired you to design

Perpetual license providing software ownership for the life of the product
Software requires internet connection every 14 days to validate license
Integrated supply chain
Supplier links support top 20 authorized distributors, +100 other distributors
Eagle Newark design link
Included library content
Integrated central content server containing over 400K parts
Can be downloaded across various sources
Analog simulation
Integrated SPICE engine supporting Pspice, SPICE 3F5, and XSPICE models
Third party add on
Layer and plane support
32 signal layers and 16 plane
16 signal & plane layers in Premium, 4 signal layers in Standard, and 2 signal layers in the free version
Unlimited board size
Unlimited in Premium. All other versions 160cm2 or less
3D PCB with model and full clearance checking
Dynamic 3D native to the PCB editor. Full IDF, STEP, and Parasolid model support and clearance checking from part to part and enclosure
Rendered 3D view with limited capability
PCB Routing
Advanced interactive & differential pair routing with full push, shove, and hug features. ActiveRoute technology - Auto interactive router with guide based direction supporting multiple layers and BGA escape routing
Interactive, differential pair, & autorouting
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