Welcome to your Enterprise Workspace!

Onboarding Demo
Welcome to your Enterprise Workspace!

But first, to deeper explore what our enterprise solutions can do for your organization, and to get started with Altium 365 Enterprise, please schedule time with an Altium Enterprise team member here.

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Invite your team

An Enterprise workspace enables you to communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders involved in your process. Whether you’re just creating a workspace or you’ve had one for a while, you can always add team members.

Here’s how:
In your workspace, click “Workspace Members” on the left panel and select “Invite Workspace Member” (as highlighted in red) to invite into your workspace. Here, you can also group members by assigning roles and access permissions.

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Start working with MCAD

To interface from PTC Creo to Altium Designer, you’ll need to install the PTC CoDesigner Plugin on Creo side.

Install and enable the Add-In to access CoDesigner in your MCAD software.
To install the Add-In:

  1. Close PTC Creo before installing.
  2. Download and install the PTC Creo Add-In (AltiumCoDesignerPtcCreo).
  3. Launch PTC Creo, the application Ribbon will include an Altium section with a CoDesigner button, click this to show/hide the Altium CoDesigner panel. All collaboration activities are performed through this panel.

With a continuous digital connection, Altium Designer and PTC Creo can push and pull design data in real-time all in 3D - helping to ensure ECAD and MCAD stay aligned throughout the entire process. This collaboration capability with PTC Creo is available through your Enterprise workspace, to which you must be signed in. When you are not signed in, the Altium CoDesigner Tab will include sign-in fields, as shown below.

To sign in to your Workspace:

  1. Simply type in the email and password you configured at Altium.
  2. Enable the “Sign-in Automatically” option to retain the details (including your password) and automatically connect to your Altium 365 Workspace each time PTC Creo is started.
  3. Once you have signed in, you are ready to start collaborating through Altium CoDesign

For more information and troubleshooting visit this page.

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