Video Transcript
[MUSIC PLAYING] 3D models of your components allow you to accurately test the fit of your board in your enclosure. But why do we have separate workflows for the footprint and 3D model of the same component?

From the same wizard you use to create an IPC compliant footprint, Altium Designer can also generate a highly detailed three-step model of your component at the same time. Embed the step model to use directly within Altium Designer. Or you can save it externally to share with your MCAD guy, or even to post it on 3D ContentCentral.

Now you have created both the footprint and a 3D model all at once, saving you time and hassle.

3D STEP Model Generation Wizard

Easily generate the most realistic, accurate, and data-rich 3D models with the 3D STEP Model Generation Wizard. With realistic 3D STEP models you’ll get an exact representation of your physical board in real-time Native 3D PCB.