Video Transcript

You've got a large
production run coming up.
And you need to ensure that all
your parts will be available,
right when you need them.
And the last thing
you want to deal
with at this stage
of your project
is a delay due to a parts
shortage or discontinuation.
With Altium Designer, it's
easy to avoid any manufacturing
delays of your PCB with the
Alternative Parts Choice
Easily set backup
part choices directly
from your Bill of Materials
from your most trusted parts
When a key part isn't available,
the Alternative Part Choice
system intelligently substitutes
the next available part.
Allowing you to move confidently
through your manufacturing
and procurement process
without any delays.

Alternative Part Choices

Have complete control over your component selection process by specifying alternative part choices while designing with the Alternative Part Choice System. Include pin compatible backup part choices directly on your BoM and automatically substitute part numbers if needed.