Video Transcript
[MUSIC PLAYING] A key part of any PCB design tool is having the flexibility to design wherever you are under whatever conditions you are working with. For some engineers, this flexibility might be needed when working on classified projects that require a high level of security. And for others, it might just come down to personal preference with what kind of network data you share with the outside world.

Regardless of your specific situation, Altium Designer includes a flexible offline design system that allows you to specify network connectivity options for your entire design environment. Be in complete control of exactly what network data gets transmitted outside your network with a flexible set of options. Easily enable or disable connectivity for the Altium Vault, licensing server, supplier links, and more.

With your new network connectivity options in place, you can continue to work confidently on your design project knowing exactly what network data is being secured or shared.


Offline Design System

Always remain in complete control of what network data you share with the outside world with the Offline Design System. Easily specify connectivity for specific applications within Altium Designer including preferences sharing, licensing servers, part supplier connections, and more.