Video Transcript
Today's PCB designs are
more complex than ever
with increasingly smaller
package sizes and faster clock
And the design rules that keep
this board layout in compliance
with your specific
manufacturing guidelines
can be a challenge to create.
When your board requires
specific constraints
for nets, individual
components, or regions,
then you need the
most efficient way
to implement your design rules.
This process is easy with the
streamlined design rules editor
in Altium Designer.
The PCB rules and
constraints panel
has been simplified to provide
the most intuitive user
experience with the greatest
degree of flexibility.
Quickly create the most
complex design rules
for your advanced board
layouts, and then test
the scope of your
query instantly
to ensure it doesn't
conflict with any
of your existing rules.
When creating design
rules for nets or layers,
it's easy to see exactly where
your constraints are being
applied with a quick visual
reference that updates as you
adjust your values
for widths and gaps.

Streamlined Design Rule Editor

Easily create and manage your advanced design rule queries with the new Design Rule Editor. Understand exactly how your queries interact together and avoid any conflicting rules with an organized query validation interface.