Video Transcript
Understanding the impact of your design rules during your routing process can be a difficult task without a clear way to visualize your constraints. And the last thing you need to be doing is wasting time trying to figure out if a trace can be routed through a tight space in your board layout.

With visual clearance boundaries in Altium Designer, it's easy to visualize and understand the impact of your routing decisions in real time. Design the most accurate, compliant, and error-free board possible by seeing clearance boundaries between routing objects and components while in all interactive options, including Walkaround, Push and Shove, Multi-Route, and Differential Pair. Easy-to-see visual indicators for constraints allows you to be at your most efficient without any guesswork on how to route the most tightly-spaced sections of your board layout.

Visual Clearance Boundaries

Clearly understand the impact of your routing decisions in real-time with visual clearance boundaries. See clearance boundaries between traces and components visually as you route and design the most accurate board with ease.