Video Transcript
We design boards that are placed in all sorts of products from life saving medical devices to childrens toys. But whatever products we make we need to be sure that they don’t fail.

In field failures can cost a lot more that just money, and can even risk human safety.

Many in field failures can be attributed to issues regarding signal integrity, specifically vias which are very noisy and troublesome, contributing to signal attenuations, crosstalk and reflections.

With backdrilling in Altium Designer, it’s now easier than ever to alleviate signal integrity disturbances on your high-speed designs.

It’s simple to add specific rules for drill sizes, max stub lengths, and start/stop layers for each drill hole on your board in the backdrilling configuration panel.

With your backdrilling configured, all you need to do is route as you normally would and Altium Designer will automatically recognize which vias need to be backdrilled on your board.

And conveying your design intent to your manufacturer is easy with the live drill tables and backdrilling reports. And with the unified environment, all changes made to your board are automatically propagated throughout your design keeping your reports up to date. So you’ll always get your board back right the first time.


Reduce signal integrity disturbances on your high-speed designs with complete control over drill hole properties.