Video Transcript
As designers, we need to be able to think
outside the box to solve today’s engineering
problems, and so do our tools.

In Altium Designer, it’s easy to extend beyond
the confines of the standard selection tools
found in other CAD software with lasso selection.

Only need to select a specific group of
components and nothing more? This is done
simply by creating a custom selection shape.

With lasso selection in Altium Designer, you
have the flexibility you need to select only the
design objects that you care about.

And we’ve updated our quick selection tools to
be more intelligent. Now depending on the
drag direction of your mouse you can select
everything touching the selection area or
everything inside the selection area, allowing
you to be more efficient.

This isn’t just limited to components. Nets can
also be selected which really comes in handy.

And these are just some of the many ways
that we’re helping you to design better, with
more intelligent technology.

Dynamic Selections

Quickly group and edit design objects with new freeform shape and gesture-based selection tools.