Video Transcript
Managing the complexities
of high-speed board layouts
is no easy feat.
And there is always
the challenge
of properly tuning signal
traces as your clock speeds
continue to increase.
But with all the automated
calculations made possible
with today's PCB
design tools, one
that has always
been time consuming
is accounting for the pin
length on the internal bond
wire of a component.
Rather than wasting time
calculating these values
by hand on every new
design, Altium Designer
accounts for your package
pin lengths automatically.
With the enhanced pin
length definition feature
in Altium Designer,
it's easier than ever
to ensure you're designing the
most accurate, high-speed board
layouts that accounts for the
complete length of your nets,
including the internal
bond wire of the package.
Pin length can easily be added
in the schematic library.
From there, your pin
length information
is automatically calculated and
updated in your PCB footprint,
without requiring any
manual calculations.
And when it's time to start to
routing your high-speed signal
traces, these pin
length definitions
would automatically be included
in your xSignals classes,
providing the most precise
and accurate length
tuning possible.

Enhanced Pin Length Definitions

Accurately and efficiently route your high-speed design layouts with enhanced pin length definitions in the component pin properties. Enhanced calculations for pin lengths include the length of the internal bond wire without requiring time-consuming manual calculations.