Video Transcript
It's never enjoyable
getting back
a board from your
manufacturer that
has to be respun because
your design intent wasn't
communicated clearly.
And we all know how fast costs
can spiral out of control
as we rely on
respin after respin
to get things done right.
So while your primary goal might
be to design advanced boards,
you also need to design
manufacturable boards
at the lowest
possible cost that are
produced right the first time.
It's now easier than ever to
both communicate your design
intent to your manufacturer
and produce boards
at the lowest possible
cost with hole tolerance
definitions in Altium Designer.
Quickly define hole tolerance
values directly in your pad
and via properties,
and even create
templates that can be
instantly applied to every pad
or via on your design.
With specific hole
tolerance definitions,
you never have to worry
about plating bolts
in your through holes,
and your manufacturer
will understand your
design intent perfectly
with the added details
in your drill table.

Hole Tolerance Definitions

Guarantee reliability when manufacturing your PCB by defining specific hole tolerance values for pads and vias. Specify precise hole tolerances as part of your manufacturing documentation to ensure you get it right the first time, everytime.