Video Transcript
We understand that while
Altium Designer is meeting
all your PCP design needs and
more, for whatever reasons,
you might occasionally
find yourself having
to interface with PADS Logic.
The good news is,
no need to worry
being left out with Altium
Designer new PADS Logic
Easily design the most advanced
schematics and board layouts
for today's modern technologies
in Altium Designer.
And then, when you're ready
to interface to PADS Logic,
quickly export your design
files in a readable text format,
and never worry
again about manually
translating your projects
with disparate tools.

Integrated TASKING Pin Mapper

Share design data instantly between your PCB and embedded software project with the integrated TASKING Pin Mapper. Seamlessly share pin assignments, processor chip identifiers, and symbol names between Altium Designer and your TASKING toolset.