Video Transcript
With constant changes being made to your
design it’s hard to keep track of what’s good,
what’s bad, what need to be updated, and
what needs to stay.

Once a change is given to us, it's not always
the easiest thing to fix, especially when we
don’t have all the information on hand.

Instead of manually hunting through which
components need an update due to a design
change, use component parameters and the
advanced filtering in Altium Designer.

You can filter by any parameter you choose:
supplier, max voltage, package type, you
name it.

With component parameters in your PCB, you
can also set parameter specific rules, so your
design will always be in compliance with your
manufacturing needs

And if you need quick access to a datasheet or
a manufacturer's website, do so from right
within Altium Designer.

With component parameters in Altium
Designer, you’re able to be at your most

PCB Component Parameters

Automatically translate part parameters to your PCB to easily define design rule scopes and communicate design intent.