Video Transcript
With the variety of services and software used
in your daily engineering workflow, you’re bound
to be shuffling through numerous complex
passwords in your head.

Rather than struggling with complex password
requirements, you might opt for basic passwords
that can jeopardize the security of your network.

But what if you could simply use your existing
Windows session to login to your other services
like the Vault?

With True Windows Session Authentication,
you’ll no longer have to struggle with inputting
your different passwords over and over again.

Instead, you can stay seamlessly connected without
having to memorize a series of complex passwords
for each service.

True Windows Session Authentication enables you
to safely and easily maintain your connection to the
Vault with your active Windows credentials.

Now you can rest assured that your network will
remain secure and follow IT security regulations.

True Windows Session Authentication

Seamlessly maintain your connection to the Vault with True Windows Session Authentication. Use your Windows session to log into the Vault without manually entering login details.