Video Transcript
As the PCB designer, you are at the forefront of the never-ending desire to making things miniature. We're constantly under pressure to deliver the most advanced technologies in ever smaller form factors, and the only way to accomplish this task is to use an advanced components placement system that allows you to create the most organized and efficient board layouts. With space on your board becoming a scarce resource you need a way to easily manage the organization and distribution of components on your PCB.

The component placement system in Altium Designer enables you to easily place and organize components on your board with intelligent alignment options. Easily create the most advanced PCB designs by dynamically placing, dragging, and pushing components that snap to alignment with related objects on your board with a simple keyboard shortcut.


新しいコンポーネント配置システムで、最も体系化され効率的な基板レイアウトを設計できます。コンポーネントを動的に配置、ドラッグできます。基板レイアウト上の他のコンポーネントをプッシュ、回避したり、 他のコンポーネントとの位置合せができます。