Video Transcript
[MUSIC PLAYING] Designing for high speed applications requires the most precise calculations and constraints to maintain a clean signal integrity throughout your entire board layout. And when it comes to designing for DDR3 and DDR4 memory, you've got an even smaller margin for error with tightly packed traces and compact package sizes.

With Altium Designer, it's easy to design the most accurate and error free high speed board layouts with the technology aware xSignals wizard. Take the guesswork out of designing high speed memory applications with support for common interfaces and memory circuits, including DDR3 and DDR4.

The technology aware xSignals wizard guides you through the process of creating xSignal classes or your specific application requirements. And would include a configuration for match length, design rules, and differential pairs. You never have to worry about staying in compliance with your design constraints.


xSignals Wizardにおけるテクノロジーを意識した設定によって、正確な高速基板レイアウトを簡単に設計できます。将来追加される他の先進の高速テクノロジーを使えば、自動的にxSignalsクラスを作成し、DDR3の長さルールに適合させることができます!