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The Altium Designer Startup Program

Instead, choose the right tools from the start – tools that will provide the support and functionality you really need to grow and scale your business.

Let Altium Designer help you grow your business without limits.

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Start-up Program

Special Pricing Options to Fit Business Needs
Free and immediate access to the latest versions of Altium Designer
Comprehensive Altium Designer On-demand Training for 12 months
Access to 600K+ Components Library

Qualification Criteria

Your company has been in operation no more than 7 years
Your company is designing or plans to design its own physical electronic hardware product
Your company has less than $1M in total revenue to-date
Not eligible for companies that offer design services, engineering services or consultancy services.
Not eligible for companies that previously own Altium Designer
Identify how much venture capital, monetary awards your company has raised

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More details on our Startup Program and Licenses.

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