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AltiumLive: Annual PCB Design Summit

Upcoming Event · October 2019

AltiumLive 2019

North America • Europe

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What is AltiumLive?

AltiumLive started as a simple idea when it launched in 2017: To establish a community of PCB design engineers and help them to Learn, Connect and Get Inspired. It seemed to resonate. AltiumLive is now the largest conference of its kind, with a singular focus of PCB design-to-realization.


I’m certainly pleased to be here. I’ll tell ya how successful I think this is because of the conversations and the chance to meet all of you here. I think it’s one of the largest PCB design conferences I’ve seen and probably one of the best.

Happy Holden, The “Father” of HDI

The conference was really impressive. There was a lot of information and it was really exciting to see all the new features. But in addition to that, I feel there was a lot of content outside of what was going to be available in Altium Designer 18.

Max Seeley, Senior Electrical, PCB, and Manufacturing Engineer, 3M Corporate R&D, DSG

Thank you for the opportunity to share my message with the Altium community. It seemed to me from the folks I talked with that the event was a huge success. As a user, I really like the direction Altium is headed.

Carl Schattke, Leading Electric Automobile Manufacturer

During the past seven years I have attended numerous technical conferences and events. This was hands down the most impressive, educational, well-organized event that Altium has ever put together. I had numerous interesting and educational conversations with attendees, speakers and Altium developers. Great presentations by industry experts. To say it was an Awesome Event is an Understatement . . . Kudos to the Altium team for pulling this event together.

Randy Clemmons, PCB Designer at Ingenu

The AltiumLive Summit was truly a great and memorable experience. All topics were strong, useful and wisely chosen. It made it more special because topics were addressed by industry experts, not just Altium, so there was no sales pitch. Everything was well organized. The Hilton experience was the cherry on top with a beautiful lunch venue and great food. Please do this event more. Next time I will bring all my EEs.

Rupal Mehta , PCB Design Manager at Romeo Power

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