AltiumLive: Annual PCB Design Summit

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  • Network in a setting that goes beyond traditional meet and greet

  • Immerse yourself in an event that encourages collaboration between exhibitors and attendees

  • Take part in the year’s biggest discussion of design technology

AltiumLive isn’t your typical trade show with attendees sauntering aimlessly from one booth to the next in search of the best giveaways. AltiumLive is the preeminent annual summit where PCB Designers and Engineers come together to connect with industry colleagues, learn about the latest trends in technology, and inspire each other to push the boundaries of what is possible in PCB design. More importantly, the attendees are excited to be there.

AltiumLive is an intimate two-day summit where sponsors are encouraged to engage with the attendees not just as exhibitors but as industry peers. This event provides the setting for all members of the design community to share ideas and forge deep, meaningful relationships with their fellow designers.

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My impression is very positive. I feel there is a very positive vibe on the event and there has been a good exchange of very viable content.

It was a wonderful experience. All the presentations were fantastic, highly entertaining, and I learned a lot. There have been so many opportunities for sponsors to interact with attendees, and it’s been great to be able to get in front of that audience and share ideas.

At the banquet, all the attendees, including sponsors, were put into groups to build and fight robots. It was a fantastic opportunity to bond with fellow professionals. It really goes above and beyond a traditional trade show environment.