Category: Design Collaboration
Stress-Free ECAD/MCAD Design Collaboration

You’ve got the most powerful and productive PCB design tool in Altium Designer, and now you need an equally powerful set of collaboration features. When STEP models and file translations just aren’t cutting it anymore, you need a platform that creates a rich, intelligent data link between Altium Designer and your mechanical designer’s environment.

Take the stress out of your collaboration process, and get your designs done both on time and on budget with the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector extension. Design collaboration becomes a seamless process with a managed change environment between ECAD and MCAD domains, while integrated data keeps those design-critical components linked together as one.

Seamless Design Collaboration
Keep your design process moving forward smoothly and facilitate collaboration between your electrical and mechanical design teams.
Integrated Design Data
Intelligently connected design data keeps everyone on the same page in the design process with unified data models.
Distinct Workflows and Lifecycles
Stay at the peak of your productivity in a design environment that you know and trust, and let your mechanical designer do the same.